Black Blue Rebecca Deck Guide (EB01)

Learn how to play Black Blue Rebecca in One Piece Card Game with our in-depth guide.

The Black Blue Rebecca deck is built around the {Dressrosa} type characters, focusing on value generation. While it's not a popular meta choice, it offers a refreshing playstyle for those seeking a new challenge!

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Rebecca is one of the few One Piece leaders that can't attack. So it can feel restrictive when there's a rested Character your Leader can't attack. But don't be deterred by this limitation—her card draw effect, combined with the Corrida Coliseum stage, compensates for it.

For 1 Don, you can activate Leader Rebecca's effect, allowing you to look at the top 2 cards in your deck, draw 1 {Dressrosa} type card and trash the rest. This is a great value effect that we'll want to activate whenever possible. It does have the condition of holding 6 or less cards in hand, so whenever we can, we should Counter opponent's attacks so we don't end up with too many cards in hand.

Rebecca trashing a card plays into our gameplan, we're Black color so we have cards with effects tied to trash.


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OP04-092-rebecca is an early searcher that helps shape up your mid/late game by finding the {Dressrosa} card you need.

As for, OP05-088-mansherry, she's not necessarily played early on. Her effect allows you to look in the trash and bring back a 3 to 5-cost Black character. We can put cards like Rebecca, Kyros, and Sabo in our hand. Your opponent will have to commit an attack to KO a rested OP05-088-mansherry, to prevent you from activating her effect again.

Cost Reducers

Cost reducers and removal cards work hand in hand to KO threats on the opponent's side of the board. We need to plan these cards, basically, it can be a two-turn set up, or if we're in the late game, you'll have enough Don to play multiple cards to remove an opponent's character.

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OP04-079-orlumbus's main effect lets you reduce the cost of a character by -4, but it comes with a condition that forces you to KO one of your {Dressrosa} type characters. OP04-092-rebecca can be a sacrifice for activating this effect, allowing you to set up a removal turn with cards like EB01-046-brook or OP04-082-kyros.

OP04-085-suleiman is another cost reducer, activating his effect on play and on attack. In most cases, you'll have to attach 1 Don to him to push him to 5,000 Power so he can act as a threat.

OP05-081-one-legged-toy-soldier is your cheapest cost reducer, letting drop something down to -3. You can also fetch OP05-081-one-legged-toy-soldier from trash through Gecko Moria, or play it for free through 4c Rebecca.

Removal Cards

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OP04-082-kyros hits the board and immediately becomes a nuisance. He's able to KO a 1-cost Character, so on Don 5, you can combo him with OP05-081-one-legged-toy-soldier to KO a 4-cost Character.

Kyros takes advantage of the fact that Leader Rebecca can't attack. If opponent attempts to KO Kyros, his effect triggers, resting Leader Rebecca and dodges getting KO'd. This forces more attacks and resources from opponents to remove Kyros from the board. His effect also synergizes with OP04-096-corrida-coliseum, it acts as a Rebecca, resting and protecting Kyros from getting KO'd.

This makes Kyros extremely difficult to KO, and opponent's with no straight forward answer like bottom decking him will be forced to ignore Kyros and focus their resources on your other characters or your Leader.

EB01-046-brook does everything! A cost reduction and a KO card. It's a play and on-attack effect, so opponents can't just ignore a rested Brook on the board. You do have to drop things down to 0 cost to activate Brook's KO ability. His -1 cost reduction might help get you there, but definitely needs to combo with other cost-reducers.

The Stage Crank Up the Pressure

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Alright, before I continue talking about the other cards we need to take a look at OP04-096-corrida-coliseum, arguably the most important card in this deck's game plan. The fact that it's a {Dressrosa} type card means OP04-092-rebecca and Leader OP04-039-rebecca can look for it, letting you play it as early as possible.

As long as OP04-096-corrida-coliseum is in play, you can attack opponent's characters with your {Dressrosa} Characters on the same turn they're played. This adds more pressure on the opponent, putting their rested characters at risk of getting KO'd.

Additionally, this is not just good for simply presenting an attacking threat, but also benefits "On Attack" effects, letting you activate those on the same turn the character is played. For example, OP04-085-suleiman is now activating his effect twice, letting you -4 a character's cost. This makes it easier for cards like OP04-082-kyros or EB01-046-brook to KO threats.


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Blockers make things difficult for opponents, protecting your Leader or key characters. OP04-089-bartolomeo is a low-cost blocker, but in a lot of cases, you'll favor his +2,000 Counter effect. There are matchups though where opponent can't remove pesky blockers (not the R/P Law matchup) so having him on the board can be a great asset to protect things.

On the other hand, OP05-091-rebecca is a value blocker, she drops on the board, brings back a black character from the trash to your hand, and lets you play a 3-cost or less character for free. The list runs a lot of 3-cost or less characters to play like OP04-082-kyros and OP05-081-one-legged-toy-soldier. The choice you make will depend on your hand and the situation of the game.

OP04-083-sabo does so much in this deck! He's a blocker that gives immunity from KO effects to all your other characters. His draw + trash ability is where he finds the most use. Your deck doesn't run any cards that trash cards in hand, which means if we draw multiple OP04-096-corrida-coliseum, the rest are dead cards that we can trash away with Sabo.

Heavy Hitters

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OP04-090-monkeydluffy is a {Dressrosa} type character, meaning we can attack with him immediately if we have OP04-096-corrida-coliseum in play. Nothing is safe when OP04-090-monkeydluffy hits the board, as he's able to attack active characters. He can swing twice, so we can either target opponent's characters to control the board, threatening to KO two characters, or focus our attacks on their Leader, potentially winning the game with the two attacks.

Activating OP04-090-monkeydluffy's second attack requires you to put 7 cards from your trash to the bottom of your deck. With the many tools in this deck that can trash cards, you won't find it difficult to activate his effect. The downside is if you activate the effect, OP04-090-monkeydluffy will remain rested on your upcoming turn. However, opponent will shift their focus to KOing him if they can't close out the game, so you could try to protect him with blockers and Counter cards.

We're not reliant much on Gecko Moria as a win condition, but he finds use as a value card, bringing back two cards from the trash and potentially enabling us to KO a threat.

Bringing back OP05-091-rebecca and OP05-081-one-legged-toy-soldier, sets the stage for your combo play. Rebecca can play OP04-082-kyros for free, so we get to KO one of the opponent's characters, develop the board, and have a blocker to protect our Leader.


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This is a control card, letting you remove two targets with a cost of 6 or less. It's not KOing the characters, instead, it's placing them at the bottom of the opponent's deck, which can be more devastating for some decks like Black Gecko Moria or Black Yellow Luffy.

We're playing a control deck, so OP06-058-gravity-blade-raging-tiger fits perfectly for this deck's game plan, slowing opponent's pace and running them out of resources.

Comboed with our cost reducers, we're able to remove even higher-cost cards that pose a threat to our game plan. For example, if we already have an OP04-079-orlumbus on the board, we can drop a character's cost by 4, and even 10-cost threats are now in range for OP06-058-gravity-blade-raging-tiger to remove.

For 10 Don, we can play both OP06-058-gravity-blade-raging-tiger and OP05-081-one-legged-toy-soldier, OP04-085-suleiman. or EB01-046-brook to remove characters with a higher cost than 6.

Gameplay Video

Techs and Options

OP04-095-barrier: A defensive card to protect your Leader or Key characters. You do need 15 cards in your Trash to get the most out of this card, getting to double the Power it gives to 4,000.

OP04-093-gum-gum-king-kong-gun: This is a combo card you'll want to use with OP04-090-monkeydluffy for a winning play. OP04-093-gum-gum-king-kong-gun gives a character 6,000 Power boost and if you have 15 cards in trash, now OP04-090-monkeydluffy has Double Attack! If opponent doesn't have a blocker, they're in trouble.

General Tips

  • Play passively, your main goal is to maintain board presence and outvalue opponent with Leader Rebecca's card draw capabilities.
  • When returning cards from trash to the bottom of your deck, pick cards you won't be finding value from. Gecko Moria, Rebecca, and Mansherry can bring back cards from your Trash, so we want to keep them there instead of putting them at the bottom of the deck.
  • If there's no better card to trash, OP04-079-orlumbus can target OP04-082-kyros, letting you rest your Leader instead of trashing it. You could skip activating OP04-096-corrida-coliseum for the turn and rest it instead of Leader Rebecca, letting you keep Rebecca as an additional protection layer for OP04-082-kyros.
  • We're not always in need of activating OP04-090-monkeydluffy's second attack. Remember that this will result in a turn freeze, making him vulnerable to opponent's attacks. Only activate it when there's a threat that needs to be removed or we're going for the winning turn.

Mulligan Tips

  • OP04-096-corrida-coliseum is a key card you want to find as early as possible. OP04-092-rebecca is an early searcher you'd like to have early on, helping you find mid-game cards to play.
  • OP04-082-kyros is a solid card for the early game, putting pressure on opponent and forcing them to commit their resources to deal with it.

Important Matchups

Black Gecko Moria

  • We're trying to outvalue opponent in the late game. Ensure they don't get to win the board presence.
  • Perona is our worst nightmare since she'll force you to trash resources. Use your counter cards early on to drop down to 4 cards in hand.
  • The first time they try to KO Kyros through an attack, counter out of it. Your opponent might be trying to force you to rest Leader instead so they can finish the job with Absalom or Rob Lucci.
  • Eventually, they'll drop low on hand resources, this is where OP04-090-monkeydluffy can remove their threats on the board and shut down their board aggression.

Red Purple Law

  • Tough matchup since Leader Law's effect will put your cards at the bottom of your deck.
  • Prioritize KOing Characters that give them back Don like ST10-012-bepo and OP05-074-eustasscaptainkid.
  • The main goal is to remove their board and try to make it to the late game, where you'll start out valuing them.

Yellow Enel

  • Drop your opponent down to Two Life cards and from there focus on building up your board. We're trying to set up one powerful turn to win the game.
  • OP04-090-monkeydluffy is a pain for them with his ability to attack twice on their leader. Managing to develop two of them should seal the deal. Their only way of KOing them is either to attack them or put them in your Life Area through Katakuri.
  • With OP04-079-orlumbus's cost reduction and OP06-058-gravity-blade-raging-tiger, we can remove their high-cost threats. It can be difficult to set up since opponent will try their best to KO OP04-079-orlumbus on the spot. Instead, we can take advantage of OP05-081-one-legged-toy-soldier that is capable of putting even Yamato in range to be removed.

Closing Words

Although Black Blue Rebecca isn't a popular deck, it has managed to sneak in a couple of first places in small tournaments! The majority of players don't have experience playing against her, so you can catch them off guard and start the outvalue plan!

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