Black Rob Lucci OP07 Deck Guide

Itching to play more Black control? Rob Lucci is the best Leader to pick up in OP07 for the full control experience! This deck wants to make sure opponents don't get to keep their Characters on the board for too long!

This guide will help you understand Rob Lucci's game plan, how certain cards synergize with one another, and how to approach different matchups.

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When Rob Lucci OP07-079-rob-lucci attacks he trashes the top two cards in your deck and lets you reduce the cost of one of the opponent's Characters by 1. So when building a Rob Lucci deck, we must consider those two effects and include cards that can benefit from them. Black color has many cards that benefit from cost-reduction and looking at Trash for cards.

The Black Rob Lucci is a control deck aiming to KO threats on the board before they can attack. With Leader OP07-079-rob-lucci's effect and the many cost reducers, cards like OP05-093-rob-lucci and OP03-080-kaku can KO Characters and slow down opponent's pace.

This deck's game plan is tied to cards in the Trash, whether to activate specific effects or play cards from Trash. You have to be mindful of the cards you have and work on adding as many as possible with Leader OP07-079-rob-lucci's effect.

The later stages of the game will rely on getting value from cards in Trash, using EB01-043-spandine, OP05-091-rebecca, and OP06-086-gecko-moria to KO opponent's Characters while also developing multiple Characters on the board to overtake the game.

Early Turns

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For the early turns we're looking to play OP03-086-spandam to draw one of the top 3 cards in the deck and shape up our future turns. We can only draw a {CP} type card, so depending on our hand, we'll pick the needed card. For instance, if we lack a removal card, we can pick up OP05-093-rob-lucci or OP03-080-kaku. If we needed a cost reducer, then OP07-096-tempest-kick is a great choice.

Keep in mind that OP03-086-spandam is trashing the other two cards revealed. This means we can take advantage of those cards later on, by either playing them on the field or using them to activate our cards' effects.

OP03-098-enies-lobby is the most important card for this deck, which we'll usually need 1 copy of to start the control plan. The ability to reduce the cost of one of the opponent's Characters by -2 every single turn makes life much easier when setting them low enough for the removal cards.

We could trash away any other copies we don't need with OP04-083-sabo or OP03-081-kalifa, but there are cases where we can replay a second one if we need another -2 cost reduction in the same turn.

Removal Cards

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OP05-093-rob-lucci is the premium card in this deck for board control. With our cost reduction cards, we can put the opponent's Characters down to 2-cost and 1-cost, allowing OP05-093-rob-lucci to KO them. OP05-093-rob-lucci is the center of the deck because he can be played multiple times throughout the game with cards like EB01-043-spandine and OP06-086-gecko-moria. This means we're not too worried about OP05-093-rob-lucci getting trashed, if anything, we want him in there to get the combo going. I'll discuss the combos more in the upcoming sections, but let's first focus on our other removal options.

OP03-080-kaku is more suited if we have one target to remove. Unlike OP05-093-rob-lucci, OP03-080-kaku can KO a Character at 3-cost or less, so we might not need to commit as much resources to put the target in range. However, to activate his effect, you'll need to have 2 {CP} type cards in the trash to place them at the bottom of the deck. So always look at your Trash and check if you have the cards needed to activate his effect.

Lastly, EB01-046-brook is our cheapest removal play but will need extra steps to put a target in range. EB01-046-brook can only KO 0-cost Characters, so we need to have the resources to drop something down to 1-cost, play EB01-046-brook, use his -1 cost reduction effect, and KO the target.

Since he's a 3-cost, he can be an option to bring from trash through OP05-091-rebecca or OP06-086-gecko-moria, but it's more dependent on what we have in the Trash, since almost always, we'll prefer to pull out OP05-093-rob-lucci.

Cost Reduction

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I've already talked about OP03-098-enies-lobby, but this is our best cost-reduction card since we're paying 2 Don for it and gaining value throughout the game.

OP07-096-tempest-kick is a 1-cost Event that reduces the cost of the opponent's Character by 3, while also drawing us a card. So we're not losing hand size when playing the Event. However, this card isn't playable in the early turns since its condition requires you to have 10 cards in the trash. With OP07-079-rob-lucci trashing the top 2 cards in the deck every time he goes for the attack, we should be able to get 10 cards in the trash by the mid-game and start using OP07-096-tempest-kick for board control.

ST06-010-helmeppo is one of our strongest cost reducers that we'll take advantage of multiple times in the game. We're fine trashing ST06-010-helmeppo if we don't want to spend the 2 Don to play him. Instead, we'll rely on OP06-086-gecko-moria to play him from the Trash and get access to that -3 cost reduction.

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These are +2,000 Counter cards but can still serve for cost reduction. OP02-106-tsuru is the easiest to play, offering -2-cost for 1 Don. She can also be fetched by OP06-086-gecko-moria in case we don't have ST06-010-helmeppo in the Trash.

OP03-081-kalifa and OP07-080-kaku are a bit difficult to set up as combo plays with your removal cards. They can reduce the cost of a specific target, but they cost 4 Don to play, so you'll only find value from their effects in the late game. They still present an attack threat if left unchecked, but in most cases, you'll be using them for their +2,000 Counter effect.

OP03-081-kalifa's play effect also filters our hand, helping us find our much needed late game cards. The 2 cards we trash can put us a step closer to hitting 10 cards in Trash.

Trash Value

Alright, let's get to the fun part! This deck heavily relies on cards in the Trash, not just for activating certain effects of cards like OP05-093-rob-lucci and OP03-080-kaku, but to also play cards from the trash and gain a value edge over the opponent. Looking at our trash and planning out our next plays is crucial to piloting this deck correctly.

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EB01-043-spandine can play a 4-cost or less {CP} Character from the trash. This means we're using EB01-043-spandine to get OP05-093-rob-lucci from the trash and activate his KO effect.

In a lot of cases, EB01-043-spandine will end up in our trash, so we'll need OP05-091-rebecca to pull him from the trash and play him for free. Then we can activate his effect and play OP05-093-rob-lucci. So for 4 Don, we're playing a blocker, and 2 Characters.

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OP06-086-gecko-moria is the carry in this deck, offering insane value and board control with his effect to play two Characters from the trash.

Before playing OP06-086-gecko-moria, we need to look at our trash, understand what we're planning to do, play any of our cost-reduction cards in our hand, activate OP03-098-enies-lobby and Leader effect, and then play OP06-086-gecko-moria.

The sequence is important since we'll be pulling a removal Character from our Trash through OP06-086-gecko-moria, and we need the cost of the opponent's Character low enough to KO.

So there are different ways to go about playing OP06-086-gecko-moria. The simplest way is dropping OP06-086-gecko-moria, playing OP05-093-rob-lucci from Trash, and playing ST06-010-helmeppo for the cost-reduction. We activate ST06-010-helmeppo's effect first, then we KO two targets with OP05-093-rob-lucci.

A better way to use OP06-086-gecko-moria if we have all the right pieces, is to bring back OP05-091-rebecca instead of OP05-093-rob-lucci. With OP05-091-rebecca's effect, you can play EB01-043-spandine, which he'll use to play OP05-093-rob-lucci. This is an extra step play, but it provides a OP05-091-rebecca blocker on the board to protect your Leader or rested OP05-093-rob-lucci.

In some cases, you might not have ST06-010-helmeppo in the trash, so we'll rely on OP02-106-tsuru for that -2 cost reduction. If for some reason you don't need the cost reduction, we still want to get value from OP06-086-gecko-moria's second card, so we'll instead play OP03-086-spandam to draw a card.

If we don't have OP05-093-rob-lucci in the trash, we'll have to rely on EB01-046-brook to at least KO 1 Character.

Big Plays

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OP03-078-issho is for the slow matchup. He's not offering board pressure on the turn he's played, but if he sticks on the field, you can attach 1 Don to him and lower the cost of all the opponent's Characters by 3. This makes it exceptionally easier for you to KO your opponent's Characters, especially if they're high-cost. He's also a beefy Character, technically attacking for 10,000 Power a turn.

If you play OP03-078-issho when the opponent has 6 cards in hand, you can trash 2 of their cards, cutting them out of valuable resources and potentially shutting down their game plan.

As for OP07-118-sabo, his effect is similar to that of OP05-093-rob-lucci, but stronger, which can KO two characters with the costs of 5 and 3. With OP03-098-enies-lobby and Leader effect, we can reduce the cost of higher-cost Characters and put them in range for OP07-118-sabo. Playing OP07-118-sabo can be a huge field presence swing, especially since OP07-118-sabo's 9,000 Power is no laughing matter.

Gameplay Video

Techs and Options

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OP07-085-stussy is a powerful removal card that can KO a Character regardless of its cost. So we're usually playing OP07-085-stussy when there's a big threat we need to get rid of. To activate OP07-085-stussy's effect, we need to trash 1 of our Characters on the board. So we need to have a low-cost sacrificial Character like OP02-106-tsuru, OP03-086-spandam, or EB01-043-spandine.

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When attacking, this card can Trash one of the opponent's 2-cost Characters and since we have a lot of cost-reduction cards, we can put higher cost targets in range for OP07-091-monkeydluffy to Trash. Since we have a lot of cards in Trash, OP07-091-monkeydluffy can become a heavy hitter, gaining a lot of Power and presenting a threat.

The effect saying "Trash" instead of KO means it can go through OP04-083-sabo's effect.

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A powerful cost-reduction Event to put a high-cost Character in range for your removal cards.

General Tips

  • When playing cards like OP05-093-rob-lucci, OP03-080-kaku, and OP06-086-gecko-moria we need to know the cards we have in the trash to take full advantage of our effects.
  • When returning cards to the bottom of our deck through OP05-093-rob-lucci or OP03-080-kaku, we need to pick cards we won't be playing anymore in future turns. For example, cards like OP07-096-tempest-kick, OP03-098-enies-lobby, and OP06-086-gecko-moria cannot be played from Trash, so we're fine with returning them to the bottom of our deck. We might need to keep {CP} type cards for OP03-080-kaku's effect.
  • We want as many cards in the Trash as possible, especially in the early stages of the game. This means we'll always activate Leader effect even if we do not need the cost reduction. Trashing 2 cards gets us a step closer to activating OP07-096-tempest-kick and can help us find the cards we need in the trash.
  • OP05-091-rebecca isn't only tied to OP03-086-spandam. You can play EB01-046-brook from Trash through her or you can pick 4+ cost cards like OP03-080-kaku and play something already in hand through OP05-091-rebecca.
  • In a lot of cases, we'll have a full field of Characters. When playing a Character over another on the field, choose the low-cost Character we want in the trash to remove off the field. So ST06-010-helmeppo or EB01-043-spandine are usually cards we want in the Trash.

Mulligan Tips

OP03-098-enies-lobby is the most important card we want for our deck to perform at its best.

OP03-086-spandam and OP05-093-rob-lucci are also good cards to have in the starting hand.

Important Matchups

Red Purple Law

  • Keeping them from going wide on the board is important. They're able to develop two Characters a turn, so we'll rely on OP05-093-rob-lucci and OP03-080-kaku to weaken their offensive power.
  • Try not to hold more than 6 cards in hand so ST10-010-trafalgar-law doesn't trash two of your cards.
  • Removing Characters that give them Don is a must. So OP05-074-eustasscaptainkid is a priority to KO to slow down the opponent's upcoming turns.
  • Gecko Moria is where things switch in our favor. We can KO targets and develop multiple Characters to start applying pressure.
  • Rebecca isn't a reliable blocker in this matchup since the opponent can easily remove her through Law effect. If they attack with any of their cards before removing Rebecca, you might want to immediately use her as a blocker. Sabo is more of a reliable blocker since he forces them to reduce his Power before they can remove him.

Yellow Enel

  • This will be a slow matchup and will come down to the value game plan.
  • Avoid dropping them below 2 Life Cards until you've established multiple Characters that can unleash a barrage of attacks and either win the game on the spot or force tons of resources from them.
  • Having them at 2 Life Cards means they won't gain a Life Card from OP04-112-yamato, won't gain Rush on OP07-119-portgasdace, and will have to trash a Life card if they play EB01-059-kingdom-come.

Green Jewelry Bonney

  • We're mostly focusing on removing their Characters and running them out of resources.
  • OP07-021-urouge and EB01-012-cavendish are important cards to KO immediatly. They're giving opponent Active Don and enabling an easier game plan.
  • Have an answer for the Fortress plan. You can easily remove OP01-051-eustasscaptainkid-701 with your KO removal plays. If they have OP05-030-donquixote-rosinante, then you'll need to deal OP05-030-donquixote-rosinante first, which shouldn't be too difficult, especially with Brook.
  • They're not presenting much of an offensive threat outside of OP06-035-hody-jones and OP06-118-roronoa-zoro.

Black Yellow Luffy

  • This is a tough matchup since we want to avoid attacking their Leader at all, but at the same time, we need to attack to Trash cards from the top of the deck. Try to attack only when the opponent is above 2 Life Cards.
  • KO ST13-015-monkeydluffy as soon as possible before they activate his self-damage effect multiple times.
  • OP04-083-sabo is the main problem for us as his effect shuts down all our KO effects. This lets them build a threatening board while also keeping a wall of blockers protecting their Leader.
  • OP03-078-issho will be valuable in this matchup to cut resources from their hand.

Closing Words

Rob Lucci is difficult to master as there are always different plays you could make on certain turns that can change the outcome of the game. Regardless, these types of decks are always enjoyable to play, learning how to approach different matchups and when you should hold off on playing certain removal cards to save them for bigger threats.

This is it from me, hopefully, you found the guide useful! If you want to keep up with my content, consider following me on Twitter.


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