Green/Black Perona Deck Guide

Learn how to play Green Black Perona in One Piece Card Game with our in-depth guide.

The OP06 OP06-021-perona deck brings Green and Black colors into one deck. This deck is all about board control with the help of the Leader's ability, and using card removals to KO opponents' Characters. It's an interesting deck to pick up where you'll have to establish your strategy and eliminate threats as you push the game to the later stages.

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Perona has two abilities, you can either rest an opponent's character with a cost of 4 or less or give any character -1 cost. The ability to rest characters allows us to KO them with our attacks. However, this deck also runs cards with effects to KO rested characters, which means we'll get to combine those cards with Perona's ability. The -1 cost reduction effect, finds use when we're up against a character with a high cost and want to drop it down to KO with a removal card.

The Black Green Perona deck aims to keep the opponent's board in check with the many removal cards it runs. It adopts a defensive playstyle in the early to midgame, before slowly dominating the board presence in the game's later stages with the help of OP06-086-gecko-moria and our high-cost Characters.

Early Starter

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Baby 5 can search for {Donquixote Pirates} type card and place it in your hand. This can draw you cards such as Baby 5, OP05-030-donquixote-rosinante,OP04-031-donquixote-doflamingo, and OP05-037-because-the-side-of-justice-will-be-whichever-side-wins.

Baby 5's effect can be reactivated, which means the opponent will have to commit an attack early on and KO her to shut down the draw value.

Brannew is perfect to start the early game with, offering a Navy card draw. This helps you find the right pieces for the game's later stages. He can be played as a +1,000 Counter in the late-game when you can't afford to spend 2 Don!!! to play him over your higher-cost plays.

Donquixote Rosinante is a low-cost defensive card with the Blocker effect. It can also get trashed instead of one of your rested characters who's about to get KOed, making it handy if you need to save an important character. Gecko Moria can play a Donquixote Rosinante from Trash, which in some scenarios you'll need if you don't want to get aggroed down on the next turn.

Cost Reduction Characters

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Tsuru and Tashigi serve as a +2000 Counter card but can still be used for their -2 Cost reduction. Tsuru is easier to play along with Ryuma or X.Drake, she can also be replayed from Trash using Gecko Moria.

Kuzan offers both value through card draw and -4 cost reduction on attack. This forces opponents to expend resources before Kuzan gets to attack.

Removal Cards

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Ryuma and X.Drake have the same play effect of KOing a 4 cost or less Character. However, that Character needs to be rested. This is where Leader Perona's ability can help Ryuma and X.Drake out. Resting a potential threat and then following it up with your removal play ensures you keep the board presence under control.

Your cost-reduction cards can assist you in dealing with high-cost targets, putting them in range for your removal cards.

Although Brook serves a similar purpose to Ryuma and X.Drake, his ability doesn't "KO" targets, instead it Trashes them. This can be a better wording when you're looking to deal with Characters that can't be KO'd by effects like Borsalino.


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I've already talked about OP05-030-donquixote-rosinante, but let's take a look at the higher-cost blockers. These are more difficult for the opponent to remove off the board and can be great assets to make it challenging for the opponent to set up their attacks. Borsalino can't be KO'd through effects, this means opponents need to find other means to deal with him.

Similarly, Sabo's effect gives everything on the board "can't be KO'd by effects." This means if you have multiple Characters on the board, you'll be able to set up for a solid defensive turn into a threatening offensive turn. Sabo also draws you two cards and trashes two other cards. Make sure to pick the cards you want to trash that aren't needed or can find use when Gecko Moria drops on the board.

The Late Game

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Gecko Moria is your late-game value setup, allowing you to go wide on the board and bring back two Characters from the trash. The Characters you bring back from the trash will depend on the game's scenario.

For instance, if you need to remove things off the board, Ryuma would be the choice there. If you need to reduce the cost of a target, then your 2 or less cost Character would be Tsuru.

As for a move defensive play, Borsalino and Donquixote Rosinante are two blockers who can drop on the board and protect your Leader. Keep in mind that one of your Characters played by Gecko Moria will rested. If Donquixote Rosinante is rested, he can still protect other characters from getting KO'd

Donquixote Doflamingo joins the battle in the late game, keeping three targets rested and lowering the opponent's aggression for the upcoming turn. With the help of Leader Perona, you can rest an Active threat and keep it rested for the upcoming turn.


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A defensive Counter event to help you survive the opponent's attack turn. It doesn't require any Don!!! to play, but you'll have to Trash a card to do it. Depending on the situation of the game, you'll opt to Trash a card that isn't needed or can be brought back on the board with Gecko Moria.

The Trigger effect shuts down an attack, potentially shutting down a massive play by the opponent and disrupting their game plan.

Techs and Options

ST06-010-helmeppo: He's a -3 cost reduction card that can be exceptionally useful to set up a KO on high-cost Characters. Helmeppo can be played from Trash by Gecko Moria, so you can still get more value from him.

OP06-093-perona: A 4-cost that can reduce the cost of an opponent's Character or Trash a card in their hand. It synergizes with OP06-090-dr-hogback if you're adding it to the list too.

OP06-090-dr-hogback: A value-oriented card used to get back a {Thriller Bark Pirates} Character from the Trash like Ryuma or Gecko Moria.

OP02-117-ice-age: A powerful -5 cost reduction to combo it with Ryuma or X.Drake, making it easier to KO high-cost targets.

OP06-118-roronoa-zoro: A late-game win condition that can attack multiple times. Roronoa Zoro is a good choice against Yellow decks.

General Tips

  • Focus on winning the board presence. You can KO Characters with 4-cost or less with the help of Leader Perona's ability + Ryuma and X.Drake.
  • You don't have to rely on your removal cards to KO threats. The ability to rest characters means you can attack them! This could force out Counter cards from the opponent.
  • Playing Counter cards will put them in the Trash. Take advantage of Tsuru's +2000 Counter effect and replay her with Gecko Moria.
  • Keep track of what's in the Trash to ensure you can set up your Gecko Moria play.

Mulligan Tips

Early cards like OP05-034-baby-5 and OP03-089-brannew are good to have in the opening hand. Ryuma is also your best mid-game removal card to have, this ensures you keep the opponent's board development in check. X.Drake works out if you're going first.

Borsalino is great to have for a solid mid-game, making it difficult for the opponent to strike your Leader with a 5000 Power attack. Additionally, Kuzan is great to drop on 4 Don!!!, so you want to have him in the early hand.

Important Matchups

Yellow Katakuri

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  • Characters like OP06-104-kikunojo, OP04-104-sanji, and OP03-113-charlotte-perospero can be dealt with immediately using Ryuma or X.Drake.
  • Keep in mind that every time you're attacking their Leader, they might trigger a Character and play them for free on the board. You could commit your Leader attack first, see if they get a Character on the board, and then rest it and KO it.
  • They want to set up a OP05-102-gedatsu play on Don 5. So if you have 4 health, Kuzan and Ryuma are perfect targets for them. However, they can't KO Borsalino, so they'll be forced to play something else.
  • 7c ST07-010-charlotte-linlin and 10c OP03-114-charlotte-linlin are a hassle to deal with. They're providing extra Life Cards and trashing your Life Card. They're also big swingers that are difficult for you to KO. You can use OP04-031-donquixote-doflamingo to shut them down from going for another attack.

Blue/Purple Reiju

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  • You're able to rest and easily deal with OP06-069-vinsmoke-reiju and OP06-067-vinsmoke-yonji since they're 4 costs.
  • ST03-005-dracule-mihawk can remove your blockers (Borsalino or Donquixote Rosinante) from play and return them to your hand. This can be problematic if they're setting up an aggressive attack with OP06-061-vinsmoke-ichiji
  • Winning the board's presence is important in this matchup. The Reiju deck has access to OP06-062-vinsmoke-judge, which will create a threatening board, difficult for you to keep up with.

Black Gecko Moria

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  • This will be grindy matchup as Black Gecko Moria also aims to win the board presence.
  • Absalom and Rob Lucci are their removal cards. They'll still have to combo them with cost-reduction cards to KO your threats.
  • Most of their Characters fall in range for Ryuma, X.Drake, and Brook to remove them off the board. Leader Perona can also rest them and allow you to attack them, helping you keep their development in check.
  • Borsalino might be problematic to deal with since he can't be KO'd by Ryuma or X.Drake. You can rely on Brook to Trash him.
  • The late game will come down to both players dropping Gecko Moria's and getting that additional value out of her.
  • They'll struggle to KO OP04-031-donquixote-doflamingo, and it can end up being the winning play.

Green/Yellow Yamato

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  • Two Yamato versions are being played, the Sky Wano Hybrid and the Fortress versions.
  • The Sky Wano version means they can play Characters on the board through Trigger effect. Most of their Characters are 4-cost, so you should be able to pick them off by either resting + attacking, or using Ryuma or X.Drake's effects.
  • The Fortress version wants to prolong the game and set up OP01-051-eustasscaptainkid-701 + blocker, making it difficult for you to go through.
  • The Fortress version runs OP04-031-donquixote-doflamingo, which shuts down your upcoming attack. You'll be relying mostly on your own OP04-031-donquixote-doflamingo, they lack the tools to remove it outside of committing an attack on it.
  • Watch out for OP06-101-o-nami + Leader Yamato attack that'll threaten to Banish Life cards. You might have to commit Counters to dodge the attack.
  • OP06-035-hody-jones can rest blockers like Borsalino and Sabo, paving the way for more Characters to strike your Leader down.
  • Sky Wano version runs OP05-115-two-hundred-million-volts-amaru, so in the late game, you might prefer playing a Sabo over Borsalino since he can't be rested.

Closing Words

Perona is a versatile deck that wants to adapt to different opponents. Depending on the meta and what you're trying to target, the list can always be tweaked around. This deck wants to prolong the game and use OP06-086-gecko-moria and OP04-031-donquixote-doflamingo as a win condition.

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