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OP03 – Pillars of Strength Cards

Latest One Piece Card Game OP03 - Pillars of Strength card list, spoilers, previews, and set information including upcoming release dates and products.

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In the 3rd One Piece Card Game Booster Pack set, the New "Yellow" cards are here! Mighty enemies from fierce battles now gather in the ONE PIECE CARD GAME!

  • This booster features many of the beloved enemies the Strawhat Pirates faced throughout the series.
    With the East Blue, Water Seven, and Whole Cake Island as the theme, a wide variety of enemies the Strawhat Pirates fought are included!
  • "Yellow" is making its presence known! Card types include new leader cards that are not only multicolor, the color combinations are new too.
    A defining feature is cards with effects that let you look at life cards and includes characters belonging to the "Big Mom Pirates", making it perfect to strengthen the starter deck "Big Mom Pirates [ST-07], which is being released at the same time.

Set Details

Release DateJune 30, 2023February 11, 2023
MRSP$4.19 USD¥198 Yen

Card List

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