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OP09 – “The Four Emperors” Cards

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As previously announced in the Bandai Card Games Fest 23-24, OP09 - "The Four Emperors" will focus on the Four Emperors Red-Haired Shanks, Blackbeard, Straw Hat Luffy, and Buggy the Star Clown. The former emperors Charlotte Linlin, Kaidou, or Edward Newgate could possibly make their appearance here.

Pre-orders from various distributors are starting to pop up, and descriptions are as follows:

  • A special booster pack to commemorate the 2nd anniversary!
  • The new four emperors take the helm in the 9th pack!
  • New and existing cards can be combined to build powerful decks!

Set Details

Cards126 + 1
Release DateJapan: August 31, 2024
English: December 2024*
MRSPJapan: ¥220 Yen*
English: $4.49 USD*
RarityLeader: 6
Common: 45
Uncommon: 30
Rare: 26
Super Rare: 10
Secret Rare: 2
Special: 6
Don!!: 1

Card List

The set is will be spoiled here! The full list will be available once all the cards are revealed.


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