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ST15-20 – Starter Deck Cards and Decklists

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The most prominent Leaders are now back in 6 different colors! New starter decks are now coming!


  • STARTER DECK -Red Edward.Newgate- [ST-15]
  • STARTER DECK -Green Uta- [ST-16]
  • STARTER DECK -Blue Donquixote Doflamingo- [ST-17]
  • STARTER DECK -Purple Monkey.D.Luffy- [ST-18]
  • STARTER DECK -Black Smoker- [ST-19]
  • STARTER DECK -Yellow Charlotte Katakuri- [ST-20]

Set Details

Cards• Constructed Deck x 1 (50 cards)(total 15 types)
• Leader Card x 1
• DON!! Cards x 10
• Index x 3
Release DateJapan: July 13, 2024
English: October 2024?
MRSPJapan: ¥550 Yen
English: $11.49 USD?
Rarity• Leader Card x 1
• Super Rare x 2
• Rare x 3
• Uncommon x 1
• Common x 8


The full decklists will be available once all the cards are revealed.

Card List

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