6 Best Aggressive Decks in One Piece Card Game (OP06)

Discover different aggressive decks in One Piece Card Game

Heya everyone! Card games usually have 4 main deck types: aggro, midrange, control, and combo—each with different playstyles and how-to approach games. Aggressive decks in One Piece have had their ups and downs, and you'll always find someone trying to sneak wins with an aggressive deck in tournaments.

Some decks operate on pure aggression, and other decks can pick up an aggressive playstyle, using either Leader ability, or developing more than one Character a turn.

In today's article, I'll share 6 of the strongest aggressive decks that found success in OP06 tournaments.

Red Purple Law

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Red Purple Law has been performing decently in OP06 meta but still struggles to keep up with top performers like Sakazuki, Gecko Moria, and Katakuri. That'll all change with EB01's release, bringing multiple powerful cards for R/P Law to add to their lists, boosting the deck's performance.

Red Purple Law is the strongest deck in this list. This deck is capable of an aggressive game plan by taking advantage of Leader Law's ability. The additional 4-cost character you play while also removing one of the opponent's characters off the board, puts the Red/Purple Law deck ahead on the board and forces more aggressive attacks.

The downside of activating ST10-001-trafalgar-law's effect is returning 3 Don!!!, putting you behind on Don!!! in the upcoming turns. This is where ramp cards such as ST05-002-ain, ST10-012-bepo, and OP05-074-eustasscaptainkid help keep this deck in the game, giving extra Don!!! so you're still able to set up plays on the next turn.

EB01 cards EB01-003-kid-killer and EB01-061-mr2bonkurei-bentham are the popular inclusion to R/P Law. EB01-003-kid-killer is a Rush attacker, capable of attacking for 7,000 Power, whereas EB01-061-mr2bonkurei-bentham gives you an additional Don!!! while still capable of attacking for high Power depending on the opponent's board.

Some lists might dabble with EB01-006-tony-tonychopper. The -3000 Power effect synergizes with ST10-001-trafalgar-law's removal effect.

Red Edward Newgate

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Edward Newgate only picked up popularity recently in OP06 when it won first place in a regional tournament. The aggressive deck has had a lot of success in past metas and it was a matter of time before it resurged.

OP02-001-edwardnewgate's 6000 base Power forces more Counter cards from opponents if they want to protect their Leader, it'll also force more Don!!! on their offensive turns if they try to damage OP02-001-edwardnewgate.

This deck wants to hit opponents' Leader while forcing them to play defensively and clear out your attackers. OP02-018-marco and OP03-013-marco are two bothersome characters to remove from play. Rush characters OP02-008-jozu, ST01-012-monkeydluffy-938, and OP02-013-portgasdace add to that aggression and can close out games.

You're on a timer since you're losing one health at the start of every turn. OP02-004-edwardnewgate-511 buys us more time and even adds to our offensive and defensive power with the +2000 Power on Leader.

Low-cost events (ST01-014-guard-point, OP01-029-radical-beam, and OP04-016-bad-manners-kick-course) protect our Leader and gives us opportunities for more aggressive attacks.

Green Yellow Yamato

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There are different versions of Yamato decks in the meta and players will usually pick up the version that suits their playstyle.

The Sky Island + Wano version aims to put a lot of aggression on the board using ST12-003-dracule-mihawk and OP05-101-ohm to develop more than one character on the board.

The main form of aggression this deck relies on is the Leader Yamato's Double Attack ability. You want to give as many Don!!! as possible to Leader Yamato, making it difficult for opponents to Counter out of a Double Attack. OP06-101-o-nami works best with Leader Yamato, managing to banish two of the opponent's Life Cards will leave them with fewer resources to work with.

Blockers will shut down this deck's game plan. This is where OP01-033-izo and OP05-115-two-hundred-million-volts-amaru are important to rest 4-cost or less blockers. Another card that creates an immediate threat on the board is none other than OP06-035-hody-jones. Resting two characters and going for a Rush attack of 8,000 Power, can be just enough to end games quickly.

Red Roronoa Zoro

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Red Roronoa Zoro is the oldest aggressive deck in One Piece. Till now, the deck is still brought into tournaments and is one of the first decks players pick up when learning the game. Red Roronoa Zoro still manages to perform in tournaments here and there, and the list has changed as the meta developed and new cards are added to the game.

This deck aims to build a wide board of low-cost Characters like OP03-008-buggy, ST01-011-brook, and OP02-005-curlydadan and buff them up with OP01-001-roronoa-zoro's effect to present multiple attackers.

The list also runs OP02-016-magura and OP02-015-makino that offer additional Power boosts to your 1-cost Characters.

EB01-003-kid-killer and OP01-025-roronoa-zoro are your rush attackers to present an attacker on play and accelerate the pace of the mid-game. You'll rely on them the most to end the game before the opponent takes control.

Red Yellow Sabo

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Red Yellow Sabo is still a new deck in OP06 western meta but has won a couple of tournaments in the Asian scene.

It plays aggressively, pushing as much damage as possible at the opponent's Leader. Leader Sabo's effect gives you a Power boost and a Life Card. You want to take advantage of it at every chance, maximizing your aggression and forcing countercards.

Rush Characters are important for this deck since you'll need two characters on the board to get value out of Sabo's +2000 Power boost.

The kid and adult brothers combo gives you offensive and defensive pressure with the +2000 Power boost. You're also able to set up rush attackers ST01-012-monkeydluffy-938 or ST13-011-portgasdace.

Yellow Charlotte Katakuri

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OP06 didn't have many pure aggressive decks like Red Zoro performing well in tournaments. Katakuri's +1000 Power Leader ability and Trigger cards allow players to pilot the deck aggressively, forcing out as many Life Cards as possible before the Big Moms start dropping and trashing away Life Cards.

Getting to activate a trigger card and play a character for 0 Don!!! creates that aggression you need to push more attacks on the opponent's Leader. Most lists don't include OP05-100-enel, but the Rush attack adds to the aggression game plan.

OP05-115-two-hundred-million-volts-amaru and OP06-116-reject synergize with an aggressive game plan, removing a blocker, and paving the way for your attackers to strike the Leader. OP06-116-reject can also deal 1 damage to an opponent with 1 Life Card, putting them at the threat of losing the game.

I wouldn't consider Charlotte Katakuri a purely aggressive deck, but it can, in many scenarios, take the aggressive approach, especially with how the list is built.

Closing Words

The success of aggro decks relies on the meta state and the top-performing decks. The game has many decks that can fall into the "aggro" category, but, at the same time, are capable of taking games to the late game and adopting a different approach to their play style.

One example that could have also been on the list is Green ST11-001-uta which can set up a defensive game plan with OP01-051-eustasscaptainkid-701 and OP02-041-monkeydluffy, while also going full aggro by developing multiple units a turn and threatening more than one attack with Leader Uta + ST11-005-im-invincible.


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