One Piece Regionals Top 16 Breakdown – March

Sorry breakdowns the data from the One Piece TCG regional tournaments

Hey everyone! The excitement of the One Piece Card Game regional tournaments is in full swing, with players doing their best to win it all! The champion gets to take home 2024 Regional Champion Playmat x1, Offline Regional Champion Card Set 2024 Vol. 1, and OPCG Sleeve –Monkey.D.Luffy- x1 pack.

In today's article, we'll take a look at the top performers from each of the three OP06 tournaments that were held on March 23rd.

The three tournaments: No Heroes in Krefeld (734 players), Core TCG in Santa Carla (506 players), and TAK Games in Oceania (487 players.) Additionally, there was a fourth tournament hosted by 401 Games in Toronto, Canada, but I only found the first-place decklist, which I'll share the list at the end of the article.

Top 16 Regionals

Krefeld Top 16No. decks
Gecko Moria5
Charlotte Katakuri3
Vinsmoke Reiju2
Trafalgar Law1
Santa Carla Top 16No. decks
Gecko Moria7
Charlotte Katakuri3
Trafalgar Law1
Oceania Top 16No decks
Charlotte Katakuri3
Gecko Moria3
Vinsmoke Reiju2
Trafalgar Law2
Edward Newgate1

As anticipated, OP06-080-gecko-moria, OP03-099-charlotte-katakuri, and OP05-041-sakazuki emerged as the top-performing decks in the top 16. Gecko Moria and Charlotte Katakuri notably surpassed Sakazuki in performance this time, showcasing their effectiveness in the competitive scene.

However, in both the Core TCG Santa Carla and No Heroes Krefeld tournaments, Gecko Moria dominated the field, comprising the majority of decks in the top 16. Particularly impressive was its performance in Core TCG Santa Carla, where 7 out of the top 16 players brought the Gecko Moria deck.

We're used to seeing Sakazuki at the top of the list, but that wasn't the case this time around.

OP06-042-vinsmoke-reiju secured the fourth spot in terms of top 16 representation. While the deck may face consistency challenges, its effectiveness against the top contenders explains its success in the hands of skilled players.

Notably, lesser-popular decks such as ST11-001-uta and OP02-001-edwardnewgate made unexpected appearances in the top 16, highlighting their potential to shine in major tournaments.

  • Gecko Moria takes first place in terms of representation and it's not even close!
  • Sakazuki is slightly behind Katakuri this week!
  • Vinsmoke Reiju, Uta, and Trafalgar Law held a good number of spots in the top 16.
  • Enel, Edward Newgate, Green Uta, and Perona were able to sneak into the top performers.

Top 4 Decks:

TournamentFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird PlaceFourth Place
No Heroes KrefeldSakazukiGecko MoriaSakazukiVinsmoke Reiju
Core TCG Santa CarlaGecko MoriaGecko MoriaGecko MoriaGecko Moria
TAK Games OceaniaEdward NewgateTrafalgar LawGecko MoriaVinsmoke Reiju

The top 4 is where players take it to the next level, things can get extremely difficult and nerve-wracking as they get closer to becoming a champion. Remarkably, none of the 9 Katakuri decks managed to secure a spot in the top 4. This past week, I was talking about Katakuri outperforming the Sakazuki and Gecko Moria decks in community tournaments, but it seems it faltered under the pressure of regionals.

In the No Heroes Krefeld tournament, two out of the four Sakazuki players advanced to the top 4, with one emerging victorious. Meanwhile, the Core TCG Santa Carla tournament witnessed a strong showing from Gecko Moria, with 4 out of the top 4 decks belonging to this archetype.

The TAK Games Oceania tournament took a surprising turn with no Sakazuki decks in the top 4. Edward Newgate, Trafalgar Law, Gecko Mori, and Vinsmoke Reiju were in the top 4, showcasing a more diverse competitive meta. Astonishingly, Edward Newgate won first place in TAK Games tourney! Something we don't get to see a lot of with Sakazuki, Katakuri, and Gecko Moria dominating the scene.

Trafalgar Law came in second, meaning we witnessed a finals where none of the top 3 decks were part of it!

The Winners

1st Place TAK Games

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The aggressive Red Edward Newgate took first place in TAK Games tourney. This deck wants to set up an early/mid-game aggression and close out games as fast as possible.

Although Leader Edward Newgate is taking 1 damage at the end of the player's turn, the 6,000 Power gives it a boost in attack and defense, making it difficult for opponents to deal with.

With Characters like ST01-012-monkeydluffy-938, ST10-004-sanji, and OP02-013-portgasdace this deck can keep the late-game pressure going with their Rush ability.

2nd Place TAK Games

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Another fast-paced deck that puts a lot of board aggression while making it difficult for the opponent to build their board due to the removal and board development capabilities of Leader Trafalgar Law.

Cards such as OP06-076-hitokiri-kamazo and P-017-trafalgar-law are a threat on the board while also enabling the removal tactics of the deck.

1st Place No Heroes

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The Sakazuki deck is known for its power to control the board with its removal cards like Rob Lucci and Hound Blaze. I want to point out that this list isn't running Great Eruption. The Event with a -2-cost reduction and card draw effects synergizes with Sakazuki's game plan perfectly, and it was deemed too strong and ended up on the ban list for June 2024.

Instead, they're relying on Navy HQ to access to the -1 cost reduction every turn. This can be problematic for many decks, making it easier for the Sakazuki players to deal with threats without committing more Don!!!.

This deck relies on 8c Gecko Moria as a late-game value card and board pressure. Getting to play Rob Lucci from Trash helps you deal with multiple threats on the opponent's side of the board.

2nd Place No Heroes

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The best performer this week, having the most representation in the top cut and managing to dominate the Core TCG Santa Carla tournament completely.

The Gecko Moria deck has a lot in common with the Sakazuki deck, using Rob Lucci as a board control tool. However, Leader Gecko Moria enables you to build up a threatening board with its ability and get more value out of the cards in your Trash.

1st Place Core TCG

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2nd Place Core TCG

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1st Place 401 Games

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Apparently, Katakuri squeezed into first place in the 401 Games tournament, clinching the first-place spot and salvaging its performance following the underwhelming showings in the previously discussed events.

The Yellow deck revolves around applying substantial board pressure through Trigger cards and leveraging Katakuri's +1000 Power ability. It heavily relies on 10c Big Mom as late-game win conditions. Trashing an opponent's Life card can be a game-swinger, allowing you to set up a finishing attack.

Closing Words

As the dust settles on the regional tournaments, we've witnessed thrilling matches and unexpected victories. Edward Newgate won a regional, Uta made it into the top 16, and Gecko Moria claimed all top 4 spots in one regional.

The tournament data was collected from here: No Heroes, Core TCG, and TAK Games.

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