Wolverhampton Offline Regional Recap

Leer breaks down the Wolverhampton Offline Regional results and analyzes the One Piece card game tournament meta!

Hello, One Piece card game enthusiasts! 

The One Piece card game regional offline tournament in Wolverhampton, UK concluded this weekend. With back-to-back tournaments in the EU, the Krefeld offline regional meta naturally influenced what people played this weekend.

While Hrvoje showed up an hour late for the event, and Fabby missed out on the top cut too, the K2 guys performed well again. What's more, a 5Face team member of Fabby, TurtleDcuo, was able to reach the top 4 of the event!

Wolverhampton Offline Regional Swiss Stage

I encourage you to go over the Krefeld Regional Recap to understand the meta better as I will contextualize the Wolverhampton stats in relation to the Krefeld ones!

We once again see the big three dominate the meta – Sakazuki, Katakuri, and Moria. In Krefeld, Katakuri was played a little more than the other two. With Sakazuki winning Krefeld though, it now became the most popular of the three.

Most noticeably, Moria is once again considerably outperforming the rest of the meta, just like in Krefeld. 

Here is the best-performing Moria list of Wolverhampton, piloted by Hanno!

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Furthermore, Yamato remains the next most popular brew. As a buggy man for Sakazuki, it is still a liked choice of many but the stats indicate that only beating Sakazuki is not good enough to succeed.

Reiju is the biggest loser of this weekend. In Krefeld, it had a great performance, being the best-performing Swiss stage deck alongside Moria. This time around, it can’t even cross the 50% winrate mark.

This is due to the novel K2 version of Sakazuki, let’s call it Stage Saka (because it plays ST06-017-navy-hq), winning Krefeld. That list plays more bottom-deck events in OP06-056-ama-no-murakumo-sword and thus makes it much more difficult for Reiju to set up their graveyard for transforms and OP06-062-vinsmoke-judge

Until Reiju enthusiasts can figure out a new strategy and build to beat this novel Stage Saka version, Reiju should remain in the bin alongside Yamato!

Red Purple Law sees some increase in playrate, probably due to the top cut it saw in Krefeld. Another factor could be that as we get closer to EB01, where RP Law will be a Tier 1 deck, people are starting to practice it more.

Moving down the line, Enel and Perona have some devoted followers despite the dire position these decks are in this meta. Especially OP06-086-gecko-moria makes their life hard and unfortunately, it is the single most popular card in the game right now! =)

Uta and Zoro also struggle to find success, mostly because of their vulnerability to removal.

Before we proceed to the top cut, there is one deck that is making waves right now – Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard. It won the TAK Games Online Regional last week and saw a reasonable representation at Wolverhampton too. 

With a 52% winrate, Whitebeard is far from bad and can compete with meta giants like Katakuri and Sakazuki! 

Wolverhampton Offline Regional Top Cut

As we can see, Moria and Saka decisively dominate this chart. Most noticeably, Katakuri is only an afterthought in the top cut, highlighting its inherent weakness in the meta.

We can also see some outliers, like RP Law and Perona. Especially Fleche is a name you might know, as he made waves with RP Law on the ranked sim ladder and dumped a lot of info on his Twitter account about the deck.

Note that despite only 14 people playing Whitebeard, two of those made the top cut!

In the end, as always in Europe, Sakazuki won. 

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David Ponces had to fight his way through a sea full of Moria but in the end, was able to prevail. This means that Stage Saka won two European regionals in a row and is undoubtedly the best deck in the European metagame.


In summary, Sakazuki and Moria are the best One Piece card game tournament decks to bring to regionals. Katakuri and Reiju stonks are going down, thanks to the Stage build of Saka. With Stage Saka winning two EU Regionals, it’s a good idea to invest time into the deck if you want to win it all!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@Leer97) or Discord (Leer1709). 

Thank you for reading and see you next time =)