Black Yellow Monkey.D.Luffy Deck Guide

Learn how to play Black Yellow Luffy in One Piece Card Game with our in-depth guide.

Heya everyone, Sorry here! With Ultra Deck ST13 cards playable on the Western meta in the SIM and coming out to the West soon, it's time to start learning the Leaders.

Today's guide will featureST13-003-monkeydluffy, a new leader who'll play a huge part in OP06 and OP07 metas. This is arguably one of the toughest decks to get the hang of and pilot correctly, so I'll do my best to explain things as simply as possible.

To learn to play the other brothers' decks:

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ST13-003-monkeydluffy's ability allows you to add two 5-cost cards from hand or trash to your Life Area face up. This can only be activated once you've hit 0 Life Cards. By playing ST13-003-monkeydluffy, the rules of the game are bent, and from now on, when your leader is damaged, face-up cards will go directly to the bottom of your deck instead of your hand.

ST13-003-monkeydluffy doesn't offer anything in the early/mid-game, so you'll have to prolong games until you can take advantage of his ability.

This is a combo-oriented deck that doesn't mind dropping to 0 Life Cards and activating ST13-003-monkeydluffy's ability. The kid three brothers, ST13-014-monkeydluffy, ST13-010-portgasdace, and ST13-007-sabo can use the two face-up cards we put in the Life Area, to play their adult versions and create more board threats. At the same time, you'll gain +2000 Power on your Leader for each Kid, giving you an offensive and defensive boost.

In a lot of situations, you'll find yourself willingly taking damage to start activating ST13-003-monkeydluffy ability and create that board pressure with ST13-011-portgasdace and ST13-015-monkeydluffy.

Since we have access to Black cards and are using the Trash as part of our game plan, OP06-086-gecko-moria is a must in this deck for the late-game value. Getting to bring back two of the kids and reactivating their abilities can be a massive game-swinger.

I'll go through the cards and expand on their role in the deck!

Finding the Right Pieces

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ST13-013-monkeydgarp and ST13-019-the-three-brothers-bond are important to look in the deck and find the right pieces to start setting up your game plan. We'll be looking for cards we're missing.

We want to find cards that complement our combo, so if we have the kid version of a card, we'll look for its adult version, and vice versa. This sets the stage for the late game, letting us take advantage of the kid + adult combo.

The Kids

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The three brothers are a crucial part of this deck's late-game plan, which means we don't want to throw them on the board randomly and risk losing them to removal cards.

Once we start putting 5-cost characters on the top of our Life Area with our Leader ability, we can activate our kids' effect, and play their adult versions on the board. The top card in our deck has to be the same name as the kid we're activating. so sequencing matters a lot here.

This gives our Leader a +2000 Power boost for each Kid we activate, adding a layer of protection for the upcoming turn since we'll likely have 1 or 0 Life cards.

The Adults

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Your board pressure cards, which you'll rely on to slam the opponent's Leader and force out Counter cards.

ST13-011-portgasdace stands out in the mid-game, helping you either stabilize the board or adopt an aggressive game plan. The Rush ability alongside the +7000 Power means you'll find yourself playing ST13-011-portgasdace without playing the kid version first.

As for ST13-015-monkeydluffy, he shines in the late game when you can activate his ability for the additional +2000 Power. Activating ST13-015-monkeydluffy's ability will trash the top Life Card and draw you a card.

This could be problematic if played randomly, and we'll only activate it in scenarios where it's beneficial for our game plan. For instance, if we have 0 Life Cards, activating ST13-015-monkeydluffy's ability will give you the +2000 Power without trashing any Life Cards. Or if we want to drop down to 0 Life Cards to activate Leader ST13-003-monkeydluffy's ability to place two 5-cost cards from the trash in the Life Area.

As for ST13-008-sabo and OP04-083-sabo, the blocker Sabo is more valuable in this deck, offering a defensive tool against the opponent's attack and KO tools, while also drawing two cards and trashing two. The ability to Trash cards is handy when we're setting up Leader ST13-003-monkeydluffy or OP06-086-gecko-moria.

This depends on what we're missing in our Trash that we can bring back into the game. Leader ST13-003-monkeydluffy can bring back the adult version of three brothers to your Life Area. Whereas OP06-086-gecko-moria can bring back the kid version of the three brothers.

As for ST13-008-sabo, he can be a bit risky to set up. You can use him as a removal tool to KO a 5 or less cost character, but that does come at the price of trashing one card from your Life Area.

In some situations, ST13-008-sabo will be necessary to ensure the opponent doesn't win the board presence, but in most cases, blocker OP04-083-sabo is way better, hence why we're running more copies of him.

Life Takers

Since we're reliant on dropping down to 0 Life Cards and getting access to our 5-cost Characters in trash, players might avoid going for a hit that drops you to 0 Life Cards, leaving you with 1 Life Card, and shutting you from activating your ability.

However, the deck runs cards that can damage us, letting us drop to 0 Life Cards and ensure we stay on track with our gameplan.

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Our low-cost life takers can also be used as a +2000 Counter. However, OP06-106-kouzuki-hiyori can be played at 4 Don!!! to put one of the adult three brothers at the top of our Life Area and follow it up with a kid three brothers to activate his ability. This lets us have cards like ST13-011-portgasdace or ST13-015-monkeydluffy early into the game.

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Our higher-cost life-takers offer unique abilities when they take a Life Card. ST13-008-sabo can be more difficult to set up since you're using 5 Don!!!. If you already have ST13-015-monkeydluffy on the board, you can activate his ability without the need of using any Don!!!.

The Carry

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OP06-086-gecko-moria is your late-game value card that you'll be aiming to play on 10 Don!!!

The plan is to use 2 Don!!! on your Leader, activate their ability, and put two 5-cost cards in your Life Area. OP06-086-gecko-moria can then drop on the board and play two of the kid three brothers from the trash.

Make sure the kids you play are those with their adult versions in the Life Area. This will solidify your board presence and put more pressure on the opponent while also giving your Leader a +4000 Power boost.

The board state will be difficult for opponents to keep up with and with the power boost on your Leader, it can be challenging for them to get a hit through. Having a OP04-083-sabo blocker on the board is essential to ensure you have an extra layer of protection.

Gameplay Video

Techs and Options

OP05-105-satori: A 2000 Counter card that finds use as a Trigger card. You likely won't play it from hand. You can also put it in your Life Area from trash using Leader effect.

ST13-004-edwardnewgate: can be played on 7/9 Don!!! letting you rearrange the cards in your Life Area, and potentially put one of the Adult three Brothers at the top.

General Tips

  • You can use ST13-015-monkeydluffy and ST13-008-sabo for their +1000 counter. You can later pull them from the trash and onto your Life Area.

  • Understand when you're able to take damage. You're playing a deck that wants to drop down to 0 Life Cards and start taking advantage of Leader's ability. This might put you in rough situations where the opponent could close out the game. Knowing different matchups, keeping an eye on the opponent's Don!!!, and what they're capable of is essential to surviving those turns.

  • Although we're gaining a lot of Power through the kid three brothers, your opponent can still set up one heavy swing with all their Don!!! to end the game. This is where blockers are crucial to survive on the defensive turn. A blocker or two on the board will force the opponent to commit their Don!!! on two or three attackers to damage your leader. This makes it easier for you to Counter any attack that might go through. They could have removal tools to deal with your blocker, but it still requires them to use up Don!!!, weakening their attack.

  • If you've activated Leader ability and put two of your 5-cost cards face-up in your Life Area, but couldn't play them on the board, you'll want to avoid taking damage. If opponent damages your Leader while there's a face-up card, that card will go to the bottom of the deck, preventing you from getting access to it through Leader ability.

  • Make sure you've activated your Kids' abilities and gained the Power boost before you go for the attack with your Leader. You're able to threaten. 9,000 or 11,000 Power attack with your Leader.

Mulligan Tips

  • ST13-013-monkeydgarp and ST13-019-the-three-brothers-bond are cards you want to have in the early game to start looking for the right pieces.
  • Depending on the matchup, if you're looking to keep up with the opponent's board development then ST13-011-portgasdace or ST13-008-sabo are cards you want to see.
  • OP04-083-sabo is good to have to cycle cards, look for OP06-086-gecko-moria and trash cards you can get value from.

Important Matchups

Red Purple Law

  • Activate 5c Luffy's effect even on the turn you play him. Although we can't attack with him, the +2000 Power boost protects him from -3000 Power + RP Law's removal effect. This forces more resources out of opponent or will be forced to ignore the Luffy for the turn.
  • They'll likely try to starve you, leaving you at 1 or 2 health as they continue to develop the board for one powerful turn. If they do that, we want to use our self-damage cards to get access to Leader's effect.
  • Most of their attackers are at 5000 Power, so any Power boost will force a lot of Don out of them to damage your Leader. This will also mean they'll focus their attacks on one or two characters instead of attacking with everything.
  • Some lists are running OP06-009-shuraiya which can match your Leader's Power. This lets opponents use OP06-009-shuraiya aggressively for one big swing to win the game regardless of your Leader boost.

Black Gecko Moria

  • The longer the game takes, the better the chances of winning the game are for you.
  • Prioritize attacking their Leader and putting them low on health. This will be useful for the late game when you activate your Leader ability and start going for heavy hits.
  • OP06-093-perona can be bothersome, making you trash cards from hand. Pick cards you'll be able to replay from Trash, like Adult Three Brothers.
  • Once you start boosting your leader's power to 9,000, it'll be difficult for opponents to get an attack through with their 5,000 Power Characters. They'll rely on OP06-086-gecko-moria for the heavy hit, and this is where blocker OP04-083-sabo is valuable.

Purple Blue Vinsmoke Reiju

  • You're up against a deck capable of drawing a lot of resources with OP06-042-vinsmoke-reiju and OP06-069-vinsmoke-reiju.
  • Some lists are including OP06-047-charlotte-pudding so be wary and don't hog cards in your hand.
  • Once you start gaining a Power boost on your leader, the only attackers that can easily threaten to damage your leader are OP06-061-vinsmoke-ichiji and OP06-062-vinsmoke-judge.
  • If you don't feel like you can close out the game, shift your focus on KOing OP06-062-vinsmoke-judge with your Leader attack and OP06-061-vinsmoke-ichiji with ST13-011-portgasdace or ST13-015-monkeydluffy.

Black Blue Sakazuki

  • This is a tough matchup since Sakazuki can bottom deck your 5-cost Characters with OP05-051-borsalino, OP06-056-ama-no-murakumo-sword, and OP05-057-hound-blaze.
    This will cut you out of resources in the late game since you need those cards in the Trash.
  • They can play blockers like OP05-091-rebecca and OP02-114-borsalino to stretch out the game.
  • KO OP02-096-kuzan asap to prevent the -4 cost-reduction value. You can either attack him when he's rested, or use ST13-008-sabo to KO him on the spot.

Yellow Katakuri

  • OP03-099-charlotte-katakuri can threaten big 7000 attacks. You want to put lots of pressure on them and try to close out the game before OP03-114-charlotte-linlin becomes a problem.
  • OP05-102-gedatsu won't find value for them against you.
  • Be ready to activate a trigger card for them whenever you go for the attack.
  • It's fine to take early damage. You want to drop down to 0 Life as early as possible before they play ST07-010-charlotte-linlin and OP03-114-charlotte-linlin. You can choose to trash a card from your Life Area, and if you have none, you'll at least deny the opponent from gaining an extra Life Card.
  • Developing multiple Characters on the board is important. This makes it awkward for them to play OP03-114-charlotte-linlin and will have to deal with multiple attacks.
  • OP05-115-two-hundred-million-volts-amaru is useless against Sabo but can rest Borsalino.
  • Since we're usually at 0 Life Cards, OP06-116-reject won't can't threaten to take a Life. However, it can KO a Sabo with no effect.
  • You want to keep putting blockers on the board to take the big OP03-114-charlotte-linlin attack.

Closing Words

Black Yellow Luffy is a challenging deck to fully master, and it requires deep understanding of both, your deck and your opponent's deck. The value it creates while remaining at 0 Life Cards will eventually shift the game in your favor, turning you into the aggressor.

If you're looking to play something with a different playstyle, then Black Yellow Luffy is the deck for you! If you enjoy the content, consider following me on twitter!


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