Green Blue Zoro & Sanji OP07 Deck Guide

Learn how to play Green Blue Zoro & Sanji in One Piece Card Game with our in-depth guide.

Heya everyone! ST12-001-roronoa-zoro-sanji is a Starter 12 Green-Blue Leader that may not have stood out in the OP07 meta but still has a strong Leader effect with potential in the right build.

This deck focuses on maximizing resource value while maintaining aggressive turns to compel the opponent to counter.

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ST12-001-roronoa-zoro-sanji is a 4-health Leader with an effect to return a 2-cost or more Character to your hand and set one Character with a Power of 7,000 or less as Active.

This ability serves two key purposes: return a Character with a useful Play effect to be played again and add aggression to your turn by attacking twice with a Character. It's a plus if that Character has a "When Attacking" effect.

The ST12-001-roronoa-zoro-sanji deck can develop multiple Characters a turn using ST12-003-dracule-mihawk and OP07-045-jinbe. This ensures we keep applying pressure even when returning cards to our hand.

We're aiming to clear out any rested Characters while pushing Leader damage at the same time. The list runs a majority of mid-game cards that we can continuously cheat out on the field until OP04-031-donquixote-doflamingo joins the battle, slowing down the opponent's turn and threatening heavy attacks.

Early Turns

Multiple Developments

[card]ST12-003-dracule-mihawk, OP07-045-jinbe[/card]

If we're going first, [card]ST12-003-dracule-mihawk[/card] is the best play on turn 2, letting us cheat out a <Slash> Character with a cost of 4 or less. Our options are somewhat limited but we can play Characters like [card]EB01-023-edward-weevil[/card] and [card]OP07-047-trafalgar-law[/card]. We always prefer playing [card]EB01-023-edward-weevil[/card] since he'll join the field rested, and with his 6,000 Power, he can be a challenge for the opponent to KO.

When going second, [card]OP07-045-jinbe[/card] works best as a turn 2 play. He can bring out a {The Seven Warlords of the Sea} Character, setting up multiple attacks for the next turn.

[card]EB01-023-edward-weevil[/card] and [card]ST03-004-gecko-moria[/card] are the best Characters to have along with [card]OP07-045-jinbe[/card]. They're offering resource value to give you an edge over the opponent while forcing them to find answers to your field.

[card]EB01-023-edward-weevil[/card] is straightforward, a 6,000 Power attacker that draws you a card. [card]ST03-004-gecko-moria[/card] on the other hand offers more versatility in terms of the value he offers. You can choose a {The Seven Warlords of the Sea} type Character from the Trash and add it to your hand, and your choice will depend on the state of the game. Do we need a +2,000 Counter? Do we need to develop a wider field with [card]OP07-045-jinbe[/card]? Or do we need more card draws with [card]EB01-023-edward-weevil[/card]?

[card]ST03-005-dracule-mihawk[/card], [card]OP07-047-trafalgar-law[/card], and [card]OP07-040-crocodile[/card] are all +2,000 Counter cards that can be options to play through [card]OP07-045-jinbe[/card]. However, we're mostly only going to play them through [card]OP07-045-jinbe[/card] if we don't have [card]EB01-023-edward-weevil[/card] or [card]ST03-004-gecko-moria[/card].

Heavy Hitters

[cards]OP04-031-donquixote-doflamingo" data-atts='[]'>

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OP04-031-donquixote-doflamingo is our most powerful late-game play. His ability to keep three of the opponent's attackers rested effectively shuts down their aggression, providing you with the time to clear their board or set up an aggressive turn on their Leader.

With a 10,000 attack power, OP04-031-donquixote-doflamingo remains a threat even after using his effect, delivering heavy hits that are tough for the opponent to counter.


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OP01-055-you-can-be-my-samurai is a value Event, resting two of your Characters to draw a card. OP07-046-sengoku and OP02-057-bartholomew-kuma are usually the go-to cards to rest since they're not presenting any offensive pressure. We can also rest a Character that we just played, which can't attack anyway. This does make them vulnerable to attacks from the opponent.

OP07-057-perfume-femur is used as a finisher event to bypass blockers. It gives you +2,000 Power so you're not losing on offense with the 2 Don you're spending to play it and lets one of your attackers ignore blockers. This works best when the opponent has no 0 Life cards and you're setting up one finisher play to win the game.

If you're in a situation where you need two attacks to win the game and there's a blocker, we could use OP07-057-perfume-femur on a 5,000 Power attacker, attack with it, and set it as active with Leader effect and boost its Power for another final attack.

How to Use Leader Effect

I already talked about ST12-001-roronoa-zoro-sanji's effect, but let's dig deeper into when and how to use it effectively.

To activate ST12-001-roronoa-zoro-sanji’s effect, you must attach a Don. This effect is primarily used to enable an extra attack from one of your Characters, but it also requires you to return a Character from the field to your hand. Utilizing the returned card effectively can be achieved in three ways:

We want to make use of the card we return, and there are three reasons to return a card:

  • 1- Replay for Draw Value. If you want to maximize draw value, consider returning cards like OP02-057-bartholomew-kuma, ST03-004-gecko-moria, or EB01-023-edward-weevil. These cards offer draw effects, allowing you to replay them for additional resource value. OP02-057-bartholomew-kuma is often the best choice because it doesn't contribute much to offensive power and is the cheapest to replay.
  • 2- Replay for Field Development. To maintain aggressive pressure and continue multiple-character development, return OP07-045-jinbe or ST12-003-dracule-mihawk.
  • 3- Use as a Counter card. If you need defensive options, return a +2,000 Counter card. This allows you to use it during your opponent's turn to protect your Leader or key Characters.

When setting an attacker as active, it must have 7,000 Power or less. You can boost your chosen Character to 7,000 Power with Don to maximize the benefit of the extra attack.

Techs and Options

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For slow matchups, OP06-118-roronoa-zoro serves as a powerful late-game carry card. With the ability to attack three times in one turn, he can potentially win the game on the spot.

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OP01-078-boa-hancock-706 is a {The Seven Warlords of the Sea} Character that synergizes well with your deck. She functions as a blocker to protect your Leader and also provides card draw when you attach 1 Don to her if you have 5 or fewer cards in hand.

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OP07-049-buckin works specifically with EB01-023-edward-weevil, allowing you to cheat him into play for free. Additionally, you can return OP07-049-buckin to your hand using ST12-001-roronoa-zoro-sanji’s effect. This gives you the flexibility to replay OP07-049-buckin to drop another EB01-023-edward-weevil or use OP07-049-buckin as a Counter card.

General Tips

  • This deck can outvalue opponents through the many card draw effects and Leader's ability to let you replay cards. The goal is to bleed them out of resources and then switch aggressive attacks.
  • You're not just limited to returning 3-cost cards. Returning 4-cost draw engines is useful in slower-paced games to gain an edge over the opponent in resource value.

Mulligan Tips

  • ST12-003-dracule-mihawk and OP07-045-jinbe are usually the cards we want for the early game, allowing us to go wider on the board.
  • Searchers OP07-046-sengoku or OP02-057-bartholomew-kuma.
  • Any other {The Seven Warlords of the Sea} type Character, but since we run so many we shouldn't worry about having one.

Important Matchups

Red Purple Law

  • Focus on attacking their rested Characters and KOing them. We're not in a rush to win the game, the plan is to run them out of resources.
  • If possible, protect a rested Character from getting KO'd. We need to win the field presence.
  • We have a lot of +2,000 Counter cards, so we should be fine in defending our Leader if they set up an aggressive turn.
  • Using Leader effect we can gain more Counter cards and attack twice with one of our Characters to ensure we KO rested Characters.

Green Bonney

  • This is a tough matchup since we don't have a reliable answer for the Fortress strategy.
  • We can't really aggro them down since Bonney can rest an attacker and have the blocker power to slow us down.
  • OP06-118-roronoa-zoro could destroy us with the triple attack.

Black Rob Lucci

  • They have the removal power to deal with our Characters. We'll have to take advantage of OP07-045-jinbe's ability to develop an extra Character in the hopes we keep at least one attacker on the field.
  • It can be difficult to aggro them down, especially with Rebecca and Sabo blocking your attackers.
  • Watch out for Issho trashing your resources. Try to keep less than 6 cards in hand.

Closing Words

The Starter 12 ST12-001-roronoa-zoro-sanji brings a different playstyle and can be a fun deck if you're just starting One Piece! The Leader effect can be difficult to get the hang of early on, but with practice, you'll be able to identify the correct turns where you'll want to activate it, and which cards to return.

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