ST14 - 3D2Y Starter Deck

ST14 – 3D2Y Starter Deck Cards and Decklist

Latest One Piece Card Game ST14 - 3D2Y card list, decklists, spoilers, previews, and set information including upcoming release dates and products.

Table of Contents

Straw Hat Crew deck with a brand new Monkey.D.Luffy as black Leader card is coming!

  • Featuring characters from Straw Hat Crew!
    Unlock a variety of effects when character cards reaches a certain value are on the field!
  • Characters who made an appearance during the 2-years training are also included!
    Provide support for the Straw Hat crew and push the battles in a favorable direction!

Set Details

Cards・Pre-constructed deck: 50 cards (17 types in total)
・Leader card: 1 piece
・Don!! Cards: 10
・Play sheet: 1 sheet
Release DateJapan: April 27, 2024
English: August, 2024
MRSPJapan: ¥1,320 Yen
English: $11.99 USD
Rarity・Leader card: 1 type
・Super rare: 2 types
・Common: 14 types


The full decklists will be available once all the cards are revealed.


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