OP-08 Two Legends

OP08 – Two Legends Cards

Latest One Piece Card Game OP08 - Two Legends card list, spoilers, previews, and set information including upcoming release dates and products.

The three Leaders and package design for the upcoming OP-08 set (release date in Japan: May 25, 2024) Two Legends has been revealed! “Dark Lord” Silver's Rayleigh is making its debut on One Piece Card Game, the great pirate Edward Newgate makes its return, Tony Tony Chopper, as well as many related characters from the Whitebeard Pirates. Check it out below!

Set Details

Cards125 + 1
Release DateJapan: May 25, 2024
English: August 2024?
MRSPJapan: ¥220 Yen
English: $4.49 USD?
RarityLeader: 6
Common: 45
Uncommon: 30
Rare: 26
Super Rare: 10
Secret Rare: 2
Special: 6
Don!!: 1

Card List

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