One Piece Card Game Wings of the Captain

OP06 – Wings of the Captain Cards

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Table of Contents

The 6th One Piece Card Game Booster Pack set adds Fishman Island, Thriller Bark, and Germa as a theme! These cards introduce new tactics which expands the battle options even further!

  • New Leaders from FILM, Fish-Man, Thriller Bark, GERMA and Land of Wano join the battle!
    Challenge your opponents using new strategies enabled by these new cards!
  • Also includes new cards that enhances decks released previously!
    Achieve victories using decks strengthened by these new cards!
  • Cards that synergises well with the October released STARTER DECK -Zoro & Sanji- [ST-12] are also included!
    Utilise the all-new twin wings cards to greatly power-up your deck!

Set Details

Release DateMarch 15, 2024November 25, 2023
MRSP$4.49 USD¥220 Yen

Card List

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