Regionals Tournament Meta Report Sakazuki’s Last Dance – June 15

Sorry shares a detailed analysis of the tournament meta in One Piece Card Game.

Heya everyone, Sorry here! Today we will dive into the One Piece Card Game Regionals tournament scene for OP06 EB01. This was Sakazuki's last weekend to perform, and boy did he perform! In the upcoming two weeks, we'll have an EB01 meta without Sakazuki, so it's interesting to see which decks will end up in the top 3 performers.

This article will showcase three Regional tournaments that took place on the 15th and 16th of June (Pro-Play Gaming, Organized Play Event, and NoHEROES).

The Data

Deck Representation:

PPGNo. decks% Decks
Gecko Moria19019.06%
Trafalgar Law18018.05%
Edward Newgate808.02%
B/Y Monkey.D.Luffy555.52%
Charlotte Katakuri353.51%
OPENo decks% Decks
Gecko Moria19620.35%
Trafalgar Law14014.54%
B/Y Monkey.D.Luffy818.41%
Charlotte Katakuri586.02%
Edward Newgate404.15%
No HeroesNo decks% Decks
Gecko Moria11622.66%
Trafalgar Law7414.45%
B/Y Monkey.D.Luffy499.57%
Charlotte Katakuri254.88%
Edward Newgate142.73%

OP06-080-gecko-moria crushes it again in terms of deck representation, occupying around 20% of the tournament meta. OP05-041-sakazuki comes in second, followed closely by ST10-001-trafalgar-law. Although Gecko Moria had high representation last weekend as well, and many lists made it into the top 16, Gecko Moria players struggled to make the push into the top 4. We'll see if things change for them this time around.

Even though Black Yellow ST13-003-monkeydluffy has seen a lot of success in tournaments, it seems players aren't ready just yet to trust the deck fully. The deck representation for B/Y Luffy is somewhat still the same, but it could be due to fear of the Sakauzki matchup. Uta overtook Charlotte Katakuri!

Top 16:

PPG Top 16No. decks
Gecko Moria8
Charlotte Katakuri1
OPE Top 16No. decks
Gecko Moria2
B/Y Monkey.D.Luffy2
Charlotte Katakuri1
NoHEROES Top 16No decks
Trafalgar Law2
Gecko Moria1
Edward Newgate1
  • Gecko Moria underperforms this weekend, with only 11 decks making it into the top 16 in all three tournaments. Compared to last week, we had 21 Gecko Moria players in the top 16 of three tournaments.
  • Sakazuki is still chilling on his throne, and it seems only Bandai can kick him off it. A total of 18 Sakazuki players made it into the top 16 in the three tournaments.
  • Another week where Trafalgar Law is not pulling its weight. Despite having close overall meta representation to Sakauzi, Law struggles to make it into the top 16, with only 2 players sneaking in.
  • Yamato crushed it this weekend! 5 players made it to the top 16! 4 out of 39 players made the top cut in the OPE tournament and 1 in the PPG tourney.
  • Two Nami players made the top 8 in the NoHeroes tourney.

All Top 16 Decks

Sakauzki made sure to dominate the last Regionals he'll get to be a part of. Although Gecko Moria had more meta representation, Sakazuki proved to be the more consistent deck, capable of beating anything thrown at him. The fact that Sakauzki doesn't fold against Black Yellow Luffy, makes him a better choice than Moria.

Yamato has a solid matchup against popular decks like Sakazuki and Trafalgar Law, making it into the top 3 performers for this weekend.

We had more variety in the top 16! With decks like Nami, Uta, and Perona performing well and having a good finish.

Top 4 Decks

TournamentFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird PlaceFourth Place
PPGSakazukiCharlotte KatakuriGecko MoriaSakazuki
OPEB/Y Monkey.D.LuffyYamatoGecko MoriaYamato
NoHEROESSakazukiTrafalgar LawEdward NewgateSakazuki

Sakazuki crushed it this weekend, winning both PPG and NoHEROES regionals. It also came in fourth in both those tournaments.

Only 2 of the 11 Gecko Moria decks got to the top 4 in the three tournaments.

Tops cuts are Black Yellow Luffy's playground, and 1 of the 4 B/Y Luffy's in the top 16 managed to win another Regionals!

Yamato showed an outstanding performance this weekend, 2 of the 5 Yamato decks in the top 16 made it into the top 4. Yamato finished second and fourth in the OPE Regionals.

Although Charlotte Katakuri has lost most of its popularity, it still ended in 2nd place in the PPG tournament.

PPG First Place

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OPE First Place

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NoHeroes First Place

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Underdog Inclusions

Perona Top 16

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It's not always we see Perona making it into the top 16! The Black Green Leader uses its ability to rest Characters to help control the board and take things to the late game.

Although G/B Perona had a lot of potential when revealed, she hasn't performed to players' expectations. However, this top 16 serves as a reminder that Perona is still a solid meta deck, capable of going far in a tournament.

The list runs EB01-046-brook, OP06-036-ryuma, and OP06-092-brook for board removal and relies on OP06-086-gecko-moria and OP04-031-donquixote-doflamingo as late game carries.

R/P Luffy Top 32

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Red Purple ST10-002-monkeydluffy has been fighting its way to the top cut for a while now, and this weekend it got there! Two ST10-002-monkeydluffy got into the top 32!

Although Leader ST10-002-monkeydluffy has only 3 Life Cards, the 6,000 Power and many protection cards make it a challenge to close out games quickly. The deck can attack for heavy hits with the help of OP02-004-edwardnewgate-511 and ST10-013-eustasscaptainkid. This version is running two copies of OP06-007-shanks for the slower matchups.

Nami Top 16

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With OP03-040-nami's alternate win condition, two players finished in the top 4 in the NoHeroes tournament. Instead of attacking and damaging the opponent's Leader, this deck relies on milling itself to fulfill OP03-040-nami's condition and win the game.

Top 4 Yamato Lists

Second Place Yamato

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Fourth Place Yamato

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The Yamato lists in the top 4 are completely different, one going the Land of Wano route, while the other adopts the Fortress gameplan.

The more aggressive Land of Wano version was the runner-up in the OPE tournament, whereas the Fortress version ended in fourth place.

Interesting inclusions in the Wano list are OP06-023-arlong, ST13-017-flame-dragon-king, and OP01-058-punk-gibson.

Meta Expectations

With OP05-041-sakazukiST06-015-great-eruption, and OP06-116-reject getting banned, the meta will be changing up a bit. Decks like Gecko Moria, Katakuri, and Enel have received nerfs with these bans that could impact their performance in the Regionals.

Things are looking promising for the Black Yellow Luffy deck with Sakazuki out of the picture, it should shine and we'll likely see more players top-cutting with it! It also holds its own against the Red Purple Law deck.

Red Purple Law already had a solid meta-representation and will only go up from here. Both Sakazuki and Gecko Moria are tough matchups for Law, and with Gecko Moria losing Great Eruption, it could give Red Purple Law an edge in this matchup.

Katakuri will be hurt more than Enel with the OP06-116-reject ban. Katakuri's numbers have been dwindling and the ban will make it rougher for the Leader to keep his footing in the meta.

Closing Words

With this being the last of Sakazuki, Great Eruption, and Reject, we'll likely see a meta-shift in the next two weeks of EB01. Players will need to quickly adapt and have a read on which decks players will be bringing. Many have their eyes set on Black Yellow Luffy and Red Purple Law to take on the upcoming meta. This will be a short meta as players prepare for the release of OP07 in the West.

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