One Piece Regionals Tournament Meta Report EB01 – June 8-9

Sorry shares a detailed analysis of the tournament meta in One Piece Card Game.

Heya everyone, Sorry here! Today we're going to dive into the One Piece Card Game Regionals tournament scene for OP06 EB01. We'll be exploring the competitive meta and what's been happening in the One Piece Card Game community.

In this article, we'll focus on three WebCam regionals held on June 8th and 9th (NoHeroes June 8, NoHeroes June 9, and Play!TCG). While we have complete data for the NoHeroes tournaments, we only have the top 16 for the Play!TCG event. I'll update the article once the full Play!TCG meta is available.

The Data

Deck Representation:

NoHeroes 8/6No. decks% Decks
Gecko Moria22522.83%
Trafalgar Law15515.71%
Green Uta626.29%
Edward Newgate505.08%
NoHeroes 9/6No decks% Decks
Gecko Moria22722.84%
Trafalgar Law14114.20%
Edward Newgate535.34%
Charlotte Katakuri484.53%

Gecko Moria dominates both tournaments, claiming nearly 23% of deck representation in each. Sakazuku and Red Purple Law claim second and third spots, respectively. They're both pretty close in terms of representation in the tournaments.

It's worth noting that the decline in Sakazuki's deck representation doesn't necessarily mean that Sakazuki is falling out of favor, but more so that players are slowly moving away from the deck, mastering a different Leader in preparation for the Sakazuki and Great Eruption bans.

Black Yellow Monkey.D.Luffy and Enel also see notable participation, with ST13-003-monkeydluffy comprising around 10% and Enel around 8% of the tournament.

Top 16:

NoHeroes 8/6 Top 16No. decks
Gecko Moria7
Charlotte Katakuri1
Vinsmoke Reiju1
Play!TCG Top 16No. decks
Gecko Moria6
Charlotte Katakuri1
Trafalgar Law1
NoHeroes 9/6 Top 16No decks
Gecko Moria8
  • Across both NoHeroes and Play!TCG tournaments, Gecko Moria and Sakazuki maintain their dominance in the top 16.
  • Charlotte Katakuri, while once a top contender, sees a decline in representation. It once rivaled Gecko Moria and Sakauzki, but those days are long gone.
  • Enel's presence is growing in the EB01 meta and is expected to perform even better in the upcoming OP07 meta.
  • Players are taking advantage of Black Yellow Luffy's ability to crush the Gecko Moria matchup.
  • Vinsmoke Reiju and Green Uta managed to sneak into the top 16.

Gecko Moria is currently the king of the meta, which gives room for Black Yellow Luffy to shine. 2 of those 3 Luffy decks managed to make first and fourth place.

Sakazuki follows closely, with 16 decks making it into the top 16 in all three tournaments. Although Sakazuki and Red Purple Law had almost the same number of decks brought to the tournament, Sakazuki had much better success overall, with only 2 Law decks making it to the top 16.

Top 4 Decks

TournamentFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird PlaceFourth Place
NoHeroes June 8Monkey.D.LuffyTrafalgar LawGecko MoriaMonkey.D.Luffy
Play!TCG June 8SakazukiSakazukiCharlotte KatakuriGecko Moria
NoHeroes June 9EnelSakazukiUtaSakazuki

Although Gecko Moria had the most representation in the tournaments, only two decks made it into the top 4 out of all three tournaments.

Four Sakazuki decks made it into the top 4 in the three tournaments, with one winning first place of Play!TCG.

Out of the 3 Black Yellow Luffy in the top 16, two of them ended up in first and fourth place in the June 8 NoHEROES tournament.

The 1 Enel deck in the top 16 fought its way through the Morias and Sakazukis to win first place in the June 9 NoHEROES tournament.

First Place NoHEROES

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It was only a matter of time before Black Yellow Luffy made its mark in tournaments! And things are bound to get even better once Sakazuki steps aside! This deck has an impressive matchup against the popular Black Gecko Moria, a favorite among players in these regionals. In the finals, the Luffy deck went head-to-head against Red Purple Law.

The Black Yellow Luffy list that won first place in the NoHEROES regionals had two interesting cards that we don't usually see players include. OP06-093-perona and OP03-121-thunder-bolt.

OP06-093-perona is a +2,000 Counter and it can be used to trash one of the opponent's cards in their hand. As for OP03-121-thunder-bolt, it's a removal tool to deal with a 5-cost threat, and although trashing the top of your life can be a pricy trade-off for most decks, Black Yellow Luffy can benefit from it, getting the deck closer to start activating Leader ability and boosting the Power of ST13-003-monkeydluffy.

First Place

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Once more, the Sakazuki deck reaffirms its dominance in the EB01 meta, clinching victory against, well… another Sakazuki deck in the finals! Nothing out of the ordinary in the list. EB01-046-brook is a card that players are still experimenting with and we still see some not include it at all or sneak in 1 copy only.

First Place

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Out of the 71 Enel decks in the competition, one managed to win it all! Beating the popular Sakazuki deck in the finals. The list is running EB01-060-did-someone-saykami to cheat out OP05-100-enel and apply pressure with his Rush attack. It also includes OP03-121-thunder-bolt instead of EB01-059-kingdom-come for board control. It's a less Don requirement that hits 5 or less cost Characters, keeping enough Don in the late-game to play other characters like ST07-010-charlotte-linlin or OP03-123-charlotte-katakuri.

Underdog Inclusions

Green Uta 3rd Place

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Every now and then, Green Uta manages to make a sneaky appearance in the top 16, but it's not often we witness it securing such an impressive third place in a regional tournament The Green Uta deck can develop multiple Characters per turn and create an aggressive game plan with ST11-005-im-invincible. Its strongest strategy is the OP01-051-eustasscaptainkid-701 Fortress, which a lot of meta decks can struggle to go through.

Vinsmoke Reiju 5th Place

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With the rise of Red Purple Law, Vinsmoke Reiju has struggled to remain a reliable deck in the meta, and as such we've seen fewer players bring the deck to the Regionals. However, Vinsmoke Reiju secured 5th place in the NoHEROES Regional tournament.

Closing Words

Although Gecko Moria is crushing it in terms of deck representation, it's not taking over the top cut. We still get to see other decks shine and go for in the tournament. If anything, Sakazuki remains the actual king of the meta, with 4 decks in the top 4.

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