Market Analysis: Wings of the Captain [OP06]

After calmly reviewing the market prices for Wings of the Captain [OP06], Bohe has come to the conclusion which cards he should get and which ones are not as worthy of their price. Find out his opinion in this analysis of the OP06 market
OP-06 Leaders

OP-06 Leaders Decklists and Tier List

Six new leaders enter the seas of One Piece TCG. Accompany Bohe and discover the best lists of the current Japanese meta and its adaptation for the West as well as the Tier List of OP06 leaders.

Purple Luffy Detailed Deck Guide

PLuffy was crowned champion in two different regions! Felipe Arze and Allen Lu took 1st place in the LATAM and Oceania finals respectively with this deck. Get to know their lists and accompany Bohe thru the strategy behind the deck and get ready for your next tournament!

The Best Budget Decks for Competitive Play OP05

Welcome to! Do you want to get into this incredible game? Participate in your first locals by playing one of Bohe's recommendations. You will undoubtedly have an great time! -All decks in the $20-$60 range