Market Analysis: Wings of the Captain [OP06]

After calmly reviewing the market prices for Wings of the Captain [OP06], Bohe has come to the conclusion which cards he should get and which ones are not as worthy of their price. Find out his opinion in this analysis of the OP06 market

Once, dear nakamas, we are here to talk about this game we are passionate about.

The difference is that we bring for the first time an article that we hope will become a regular column on this site. Market Analysis version Wings of the Captain.

The central idea will be to give a well-founded opinion regarding the One Piece TCG market prices. By this, I mean what cards or products in general I would think would be appropriate to acquire, what cards I would think about selling, and in general a list of various things that I would think about keeping an eye on.


With this, it must be very clear that this is not financial advice. Like many of you, I like the game. Whether it's collecting, completing some decks, or preparing for the future, planning is the best option.

With this article, I share with you what I think are the appropriate movements for my particular case. That is why the information I present here should be taken as such; a grain of salt from another person who likes this exciting game and not advice on managing your financial resources.

The cards are ordered from highest to lowest price at the time of writing this article.

Our automated pricing tool is under development. Consider what is mentioned in the text as the primary data.

That being said, weigh anchor, and let loose the sails!

Roronoa Zoro Manga

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Let's start right off talking about the Manga card in this set. The Zoro Manga from Wings of the Captain is a card that currently has a price of around $1,465 according to TCG Player as of the date of this article.

If I were thinking about getting this letter, I would wait a bit. The price is declining after having hit the market at approximately $1,600.

A price that I would think is a good deal for this Zoro would be $1,000 - $1,200.

If you check YouTube carefully, you will find videos from some collectible conventions where you can see this card already on display to the public and I have seen more than 1 vendor have it at the price I mention. And we are talking about PSA 10 or Becket 10, that is, cards already graded in pristine conditions. This reminds me. If you will make any deals with cards of this value, try to do it in person. Photos can be misleading, and the slightest scratch can be detrimental if you plan to send your card for grading.

I take this card as an example to say that OP06: Wings of the Captain is without a doubt one of the most overpriced, overhyped, and over-scalped sets.

Perona, Reiju, and Yamato AA Leaders

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Let's start by saying that I could be wrong about this. However, as someone who once lived exclusively off the income of buying and selling Magic: The Gathering singles, if I pull a OP06-021-perona-parallel, OP06-042-vinsmoke-reiju-parallel, or even OP06-022-yamato-parallel in an OP06 booster or fall into my hands somehow, I would look to get rid of them if anyone is willing to pay their current price. I wouldn't doubt it for a second.

It is true, that these types of characters are quite sought after by collectors, and some players are devoted to their favorite leader. Nevertheless, it seems difficult to me for them to maintain their price.

Yamato is close to $190, and Persona and Reiju are around $130. I wouldn't be surprised if, in a period of 2-4 weeks, we are seeing them at least 20%-30% below the current price.

If I wanted to build a deck with any of these three leaders and I wanted the AA leader, even if I had it, I would think about selling it and in a few weeks with that money buy it back and use what is probably profit to buy some other card that I need.

Sugar SP

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It's not all about selling or lowering the price. Sugar SP would be a card that if I had it I would think about keeping it. Likewise, if I could get some copies instead I don't think it would hurt.

It's a Super Rare card in an alternate art version. I think many of us know what a card with these characteristics can be worth if it starts to be played a lot or if the character has too much hype behind it like Nami or Boa for example.

In the particular case of Sugar, it's a card that we are beginning to see frequently in OP06-022-yamato-parallel decks, and if the Donquixote family receives the expected support, Sugar will undoubtedly be a fundamental piece.

As of this article, it has a market price of $49. And it can certainly go down even further, I wouldn't be surprised. However, that would not be a factor in making me doubt that it is a card that could have a slightly higher value.

Hody Jones

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Hody Jones seems to me to be a card that in both cases is at an excellent price. If we talk about the 7-cost character, this undoubtedly seems like a beastly card to me. The only green card with Rush, capable of closing games on its own and already forming part of some at least relevant archetypes.

SR, alternate art, and a playable card for $35-$40 it's not a bad deal.

Will it go down more? It could drop a bit as some people still waiting to receive back-ordered products start opening more boxes. However, this is one of the cards that I think can appreciate its value over time.

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Speaking of the alternate leader, the situation is similar but for different reasons.

$35 for an alternate art leader seems like a pretty fair price to me. However, we know that Hody is not a leader who has expectations of standing out competitively. In the same way, he is not a character that many people are looking for for pure collecting.

That said, the price could rise slightly if people think like me and demand increases slightly, which in some ways reminds me of the OP04-020-issho-318 case. The latter arrived on the market costing $18.5, rose to $37, and then dropped to what its price is today, an average of $20.

If you are interested in acquiring this leader in this version, think that it could be a similar case but on a slightly different scale; This is because although little, Hody has had some sporadic appearance in the final stages of some Japanese OP06 tournaments.

Camie, Luffy, and Tashigi AA

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$20 or less for an alternative art searcher is another deal that seems like a good deal to me in the vast majority of cases.

I don't think I need to tell you what OP03-008-buggy-442's price is today. They are cards with notable differences and that must be taken into account. Nevertheless, I think these two cards are one news story away from the OP02-036-nami case happening to them, remember?

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We have to take into consideration that OP02-036-nami is an SR and these three cards are rare and that could be a reason for an SR AA Searcher could be more expensive. However, Buggy is uncommon and we already know how much it costs.

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The Fish-Man is starting to seem like a relevant core, or at least quite fun. There are versions of Yamato with them among some other archetypes that are already encouraged to try the core. Maybe some don't have faith in it but I think that as long as it doesn't exceed $20 it's a fair deal.

In the case of OP06-013-monkeydluffy-parallel, the FILM Red archetype already exists with OP06-001-uta-parallel but it is not a competitive contender. However, I think that with 1 or 2 cards that boost the archetype, this Luffy could be revalued.

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Same case with OP06-050-tashigi-parallel. OP05-041-sakazuki-374 has just been banned, but despite this, I think that the announcement of a Blue Navy leader would send this card far enough to get out of reach of many. A new Sakazuki is coming that doesn't seem all that bad to me. This is just one of several cases that can happen with the Navy. Meanwhile, Tashigi at $20 is a deal I'd like to close multiple times.

I have much more confidence in Tashigi than in Luffy, but I don't rule out that getting a Luffy playset under $18 might not be unreasonable in any case, I think they could be gotten a little cheaper. Something between $15 or less would be the spot. Same as Camie.

Sanji and Shuraiya AA

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OP06-119-sanji is a card that has the potential to see play in virtually any blue deck. It went on the market for $40, rose to $55, and as of the date of this article, its price is around $10-$15.

It seems to me that it is a super opportune time to get a playset of this card. I don't think it will last long at this price. I know that few Blue leaders compete strongly, but the few times that P-047-monkeydluffy or OP01-060-donquixote-doflamingo-859 have managed to win tournaments in Japan during the OP07 meta, they both play four copies of this card.

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OP06-009-shuraiya-parallel is another card that I think won't stay at these prices for long. Something very similar happens to OP06-119-sanji. It opened on the market at $40 and is currently around $15-$17.

I think as long as it's under $20 it seems like an incredible deal for a card that will see a ton of play. Not only in meta decks but in decks that have fallen somewhat behind and that thanks to Shuraiya have the opportunity to compete again.

Non-AA Cards that I would pick up a playset


  • OP06-009-shuraiya: Very important card for the OP06 metagame. Many decks would be the same without it.
  • OP06-007-shanks: It is known that OP09 will be a set about the Four Emperors. I don't doubt that a Red Shanks leader or similar will emerge. The Red-Haired Pirates have to be there and have a deck. I wouldn't think about prioritizing AAs, but I would have them in my sights.
  • OP06-016-raise-max: ST10-001-trafalgar-law is a leader that little by little is gaining terrain and has established itself again as a force to be recognized. Raise Max is a must in that archetype.


  • OP06-035-hody-jones: We have already talked about how strong this card is. If I want to avoid the expense of AA, a playset of this Fishman for less than $10 each is a good deal. Sooner or later you we are going to play them.
  • OP06-036-ryuma: OP01-054-xdrake/ drake started appearing in certain archetypes. With this, Ryuma is a card that should keep you company. It has no +1K counter, but it does the effect twice.


  • OP06-043-aramaki: I think Aramaki is a much better card than it seems. Remember what I mentioned above regarding OP06-050-tashigi-parallel and some new Navy Blue leader, or even the new Sakazuki? In this idea and other decks like OP04-040-queen-454, the Green Bull can be of great help. Like OP06-007-shanks, I wouldn't think of going straight for the AAs, but they are so affordable that I might consider it.
  • OP06-047-charlotte-pudding: This card at less than $1 is a fair deal today or any day. Give me 8! Many blue decks are playing this during OP07 in Japan.
  • OP06-058-gravity-blade-raging-tiger: Just as the aforementioned [OP06-119-sanji] and OP06-047-charlotte-pudding; few are the card that sustains blue on its own. This event is one of them.
  • OP06-059-white-snake: The new OP03-040-nami-529 staple.


  • OP06-023-arlong: Strong card. One of the reasons that Fish-Man is now a real core. And even if you're not playing Fish-Man, the effect of Arlong can put you in a position to win many games on its own.


  • OP06-092-brook: Extremely strong and versatile card. It's not only removal but an option against decks that play with their thrash pile as another resource.
  • OP06-081-absalom: As long as Black wants to continue with the plan we already know, playing Absalom in the company of OP05-093-rob-lucci will be the rule.


  • OP06-115-youre-the-one-who-should-disappear: Of all the 0-cost events in the game, it competes strongly to be the best. Some say that a dollar is expensive for an uncommon. However, I think $.75-$1.5 is a fully acceptable range.
  • OP06-101-o-nami: $1.5 or less for a card like O-Nami seems very fair to me despite it being Rare and not Super Rare.


  • OP06-022-yamato: Having 1 copy of every leader is common sense. However, Yamato in particular is going to be part of the club of leaders that you always have to take to a prerelease event with you.


  • OP06-025-camie, OP06-050-tashigi, and OP06-013-monkeydluffy: Four of every searcher in the game is also a good idea as long as they are at an affordable price.


It has been very interesting to review the set in detail and put in this article my thoughts on the alternate art cards and the regular cards.

I think that starting with these written exercises will help me consolidate my ideas about what is a priority to get, and what I think should sell, and thus have a collection that allows me to achieve my goals more easily.

I've certainly been analyzing the market since I started One Piece (and that was in OP04), but this is the first time I've shared it publicly. I hope this can shed some light on this and then you can make your own decisions about the game more easily

Let us know your thoughts on this and any other One Piece TCG-related topics in the comment section of this article and on my Twitter. I would love to know your opinion.

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Thanks for reading, dear nakamas, don’t forget to smile; I assure you that it makes a difference, see you at Egghead!