OP-06 Leaders

OP-06 Leaders Decklists and Tier List

Six new leaders enter the seas of One Piece TCG. Accompany Bohe and discover the best lists of the current Japanese meta and its adaptation for the West as well as the Tier List of OP06 leaders.

Wings of the Captain is getting closer. With this, 6 new leaders will join the game. Whether you want to know them a little more in-depth or directly learn about the most competitive lists in the OP06 meta, this article will surely be of help.

Whether you read this work before the release of OP06 or in the future when the Starter decks 12 and 13 are on the market, the deck lists that we are going to present will remain valid for a long time. This is because we have thoroughly investigated competitive tournaments in Japan where we remember there are some products ahead of the West.

This means that the lists have currently won some tournaments in the Land of the Rising Sun but do not have OP07 or products that we in the West would not get this spring.

Ready to sail the new seas of OP06? Let's go ahead! 🏴‍☠️

Tier List Details

In the Tier list we will separate the archetypes into three tiers:

  • Tier 1: The most dominant decks of the set. This implies the percentage of victories, presence in the meta, and favorable games.
  • Tier 2: These will be solid decks with a relevant presence in the OP06 meta. A good pilot will probably be able to play one of these archetypes and have a good result in a competitive event. They usually have at least one difficult match against the OP06 meta archetypes.
  • Tier 3: In last place, we find decks with little presence, but enough to be considered. In addition to their low popularity, they are decks that present two or more complicated matchups against the meta. This prevents them until the release of additional support or a meta shift from standing out. However, players who dedicate themselves to mastering these archetypes usually have the opportunity to obtain good results.

This Tier classifies the leaders of OP06 among themselves and does not consider their power relationship in direct comparison to the leaders of the rest of the general meta. It certainly may be similar, but clarification is fair and necessary.

Tier List

Tier 1OP06-080-gecko-moria-parallel, OP06-022-yamato-parallel
Tier 2OP06-021-perona-parallel, OP06-042-vinsmoke-reiju-parallel
Tier 3OP06-020-hody-jones-parallel, OP06-001-uta-parallel

Tier 1

Gecko Moria

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A few weeks ago the announcement was made that there will be an update to the banned and restricted card list very soon. The announcement will be made after the World Cup to be held THIS weekend, March 2 and March 3.

This is why I did my best to bring you a competitive list without OP05-091-rebecca. It's without a doubt one of the main cards to be banned in the color black. Certainly, another fundamental piece in this deck, the new OP06-086-gecko-moria is also a possible target, however, according to many experts, Rebecca is much more likely to be targeted.

If a recent archetype has arrived to compete with Sakazuki, it's undoubtedly Gecko Moria. The power of this archetype lies in the fact of transforming the trash pile into a second hand.

Card games are mostly games where whoever has access to the greatest number of resources and manages them in the best way is usually the one who wins the game.

Thanks to the leader's ability and the aforementioned big boss of the deck OP06-086-gecko-moria, we can return characters from trash to the field. This gives us a value and presence on the field that few other archetypes can match.

In addition to cards like OP06-091-victoria-cindry that put a large number of cards from our deck into the trash, characters inherently end up in the trash due to combat. This means that whether due to the nature of our deck or the result of the combat, we can always have access to characters in the trash.

If we add to this the common effects of the Black color of cost reduction and with these efficient removals like OP05-093-rob-lucci and the new OP06-081-absalom, Gecko Moria becomes the new king of midrange and attrition games.

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One of the reasons Yamato is still relevant in Japan is the fact that its Double Attack effect does not require any conditions. By this, I mean that there is no requirement or cost to activate this effect. Double Attack for 5 or 6K turn after turn is a formidable effect. This often puts enormous pressure on leaders of 4 lives or less.

We cannot fail to mention the enormous flexibility when building a deck around Yamato. Other decks are much more limited to carrying certain types of cards to function. A clear example would be the just mentioned OP06-080-gecko-moria-parallel, which although it can be moderately flexible, the vast majority of the time we will see it playing Thriller Bark + Navy; plus its effect only brings Thriller Bark characters from trash.

That's not the case with Yamato. That is why to exemplify this point I leave two lists that have had incredible results in recent days in Japan: one with the Sky Island engine and another with the Donquixote Pirates. Both builds are very solid. I would just like to mention that a common card that I tried not to include in the lists is ST13-011-portgasdace, a staple in many Yamato builds in Japan, which although it comes out soon is not close enough to want to share lists with it yet since ST13 in the west is still something that will happen in a few months.

The reason for playing Ace is the same for OP06-035-hody-jones. This is due to another of Yamato's strengths. Being able to pass two rested DON!! for our characters, it opens up a range of possibilities to chip swing both enemy characters and their lives, whether with slightly weaker characters or cannons with Rush like Ace and Hody.

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Tier 2


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A curious situation happens with Perona. During the OP06 meta in Japan, she did not appear to be above OP06-042-vinsmoke-reiju-parallel, or at least they were quite even in terms of their presence in the meta. However, so far in the EB01+OP07 meta in Japan, Reiju has practically disappeared while Perona is almost at the same level of top appearances as OP06-022-yamato-parallel.

I think this is due to how solidly a Black/Green combo can handle multiple variations in the meta. As we can see in the list I present for Perona, he plays with the cost-reduction Navy core + some effects that interact with the opponent's rested cards.

This gives a focus to the deck where it can play lines similar to very powerful decks like OP05-041-sakazuki-374 or OP06-080-gecko-moria-parallel but with the addition of very strong green cards like OP04-031-donquixote-doflamingo, OP04-119-donquixote-rosinante (which is going up a lot in price, pay attention to that) and the new OP06-035-hody-jones. Having access to these lines of play allows Perona to deal with problems that sometimes Sakazuki or Moria might not be able to solve in the same way.

To this, we must add OP01-054-xdrake who has undoubtedly found his best deck, and OP06-036-ryuma, who with the same effect are together in charge of keeping the opponent's field clean with redundancy thanks to the cost reductions of the Black color and the ability to rest the opponent characters of Green.

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Vinsmoke Reiju

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Having already explained the reason why OP06-021-perona-parallel not only remained in the meta but also increased its popularity, now it is time to look for a reason why Reiju has fallen in Japan.

It's certainly not because she is a bad leader or the Germa 66 archetype is not functional. Although the Germa 66 lists are powerful, they are not very flexible. It's enough to take all the Vinsmoke in their regular, and them in their Power Ranger version, and the deck runs out of space.

To this, we must add that you have to play at least 2 copies of OP06-062-vinsmoke-judge, which, although it's certainly very powerful, leaves us with even less space. To this core, a card that ramps like OP05-073-miss-doublefinger-zala and a card that allows you to trash cards from your hand such as OP03-044-kaya or OP06-051-tsuru is mandatory. We have a fairly strong deck but it has very little room for maneuver.

That is why I'm more motivated by the idea of ​​playing Reiju in a way closer to Blue/Purple Good Cards and not suffering so much in the DON!! section. The Germa 66 version will play the vast majority of the time with the same or less number of DON!! then the opponent, which is strange for the color Purple. Although it's normal for this color to have the effects that minus DON!!, it's common for it to be compensated with a lot of ramping. Wanting to play having fewer resources than the opponent feels strange, and if we add to that an opponent could rest us a DON!! things can get complicated.

It's not a bad leader but people are playing Reiju without much flexibility. We'll see what the future holds for Reiju in the West.

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Tier 3

Hody Jones

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Hody is walking the line between being a great leader if he receives a little more support in the future or falling into oblivion until this happens.

This does not mean that the cards that the Fish-Man currently has are not good, on the contrary! However, I think that compared to other archetypes that are in the competitive Tier 1, the fish are slightly behind.

Bandai has to be careful when supporting this deck since the ability to rest a DON!! to the opponent is strong. Easy examples of many decks that tend to stick with untapped resources to play on the opponent's turn could be those that play OP01-029-radical-beam, or OP05-114-el-thor.

This, added to the fact that many fish effects are really strong and that is why they take a life from you, makes the archetype generate very interesting scenarios. This is why Hody prevents you from taking a life. However, it could be very interesting if it were optional, and if we wanted we could opt for card advantage instead of keeping lives safe, but I think that would be too much to ask.

Same problem as with Reiju. You have to play all the Fish-Man with effects that make us take a card of our lives, leaving us with little room for maneuver. Furthermore, the fact that we technically cannot attack with the leader if we want to take advantage of its effect to rest an opponent's card means that in the end we have to make the most of this effect or we will be playing at a disadvantage against the opponent who can attack with his leader while using its effects.

Hody is certainly an interesting leader, but I think he will require a little more support to compete at the highest level.

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R/P Uta

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We finish this article talking about Uta. I think she is without a doubt a leader who could have given much more.

Its ramp effect is not bad, but if we compare it with OP05-060-monkeydluffy-174, both lose a resource for ramping. Luffy loses a life and Uta a card from the hand, the big difference is that the life we ​​lose with Luffy is a card that goes to the hand, and then this translates into gaining an additional resource in addition to the DON!! that we ramp.

With Uta, we are going to lose a card from our hand in exchange for the DON!! and nothing more. Well, yes, we will give -2K to an enemy character, but I think this does not compensate for changing hand cards for ramping.

Certainly, -006-gild-tesoro and OP06-071-gild-tesoro can draw cards and return FILM characters from Trash to our hand, but I think that while the general idea is not bad, it falls short compared to other leaders we have seen in this article.

Can you imagine if we could use some of the green FILM support with this Uta? The story would be different. However, I do not believe that all is lost. Just like OP06-042-vinsmoke-reiju-parallel, I think Uta's color scheme is pretty strong. It's not for nothing that ST10-001-trafalgar-law and ST10-002-monkeydluffy are and has been very relevant in the current meta of OP07 in Japan and the West currently respectively.

I think there is room to explore new builds with this Uta. It will be a matter of time to see how the leaders of Tier 2 and 3 develop in the West since we already know that history can be very different from Japan.

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We finish one more article with great joy and excitement for the upcoming release of Wings of the Captain. I think that of all these archetypes I would like to be able to play OP06-021-perona-parallel competitively and find a way to build a OP06-042-vinsmoke-reiju-parallel deck in a different way than the conventional Germa 66. If you have more lists, please send them to me.

If you are attending a pre-release event and are lucky that your local store has enough product for a sealed event, feel free to read our guide for this format:

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this work. If you have any comments about it, don't hesitate to let me know:

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  • On Twitch (where I'll probably be playing Marvel Snap, although at this rate, games of the One Piece simulator are starting to be part of the regular schedule).

Also, If you have started playing Drago Ball Super: Fusion World, Demian, a widely recognized creator in the scene of this game has also already made a guide for the DBS Fusion World Sealed Battle Celebration Event. Don't hesitate to take a look here: https://dotgg.gg/dragon-ball-super-card-game-fusion-world/

And in the meantime, dear nakamas, thanks for reading, and don’t forget to smile; I assure you that it makes a difference, see you at Egghead!