Bandai Next Plan Announcement

Bandai Next Plan Announcement

As previously announced, the Bandai Next Plan Announcement for One Piece Card has been released. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot new here as some players even speculated a synchronized release with West and Japan but with the release of the Korean version which is further behind, this looks to be unlikely to happen.

A quick summary:

  • Reprints are happening
  • New card sleeves at the official stores
  • First Anniversary set
  • EB01 - Memorial Collection
  • Devil Fruit Collection Vol. 2 is confirmed to be the Flame Flame Fruit
  • Sealed Battle will happen over the summer (not April as it was previously announced)

Rest of the video is the developers of the game answering some questions. Check out the full video below if you are interested: is your best One Piece Card Game information website, featuring guides, database, decks, meta stats, tier list, news, and more.

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