Red Green Kozuki Oden Deck Guide

Learn how to play Red Green Kozuki Oden in One Piece Card Game with our in-depth guide.

The new EB01 Red Green EB01-001-kouzuki-oden brings a new playstyle to the One Piece Card Game. This Leader can be built aggressively with Red cards while also having access to Green's defensive cards. EB01-001-kouzuki-oden is built around {Land of Wano} type Characters, since his effects rely on them.

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Kozuki Oden changes the rules, giving all {Land of Wano} type characters without a counter a +1000 Counter effect. This is exceptionally strong since cards without a Counter effect are usually quite strong, with either high Power or a powerful effect. To balance them out, they lack a Counter effect, which lowers a deck's ability to protect Leader and Characters on defensive turns. Kozuki ignores that downside, letting you include those powerful {Land of Wano} cards while maintaining a Counter effect for defensive turns.

Kozuki can also gain +1000 Power if you have a 5-cost or more {Land of Wano} Character on the board. This gives your Leader an offensive and defensive boost, forcing more resources out of the opponent.

Seeing that both EB01-001-kouzuki-oden's effects revolve around {Land of Wano} Characters, we want to run as many as possible in the list.

The EB01-001-kouzuki-oden is capable of dishing out powerful attacks with Leader and {Land of Wano} Characters. The +1000 Power on Leader can be a drag for opponents to defend against. EB01-007-yamato, OP01-121-yamato-593, OP01-046-denjiro, and EB01-002-izo are the mid-game threats that enable Leader's +1000 Power.

Early Leader Ability

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We're able to cheat out a 5-cost Character with EB01-013-kouzuki-hiyori's effect for 4 Don. EB01-013-kouzuki-hiyori is also drawing a card with her effect, so there's no resource loss when relying on her.

So if we're going second, we can drop EB01-013-kouzuki-hiyori on turn 2 and follow her up with either EB01-007-yamato or EB01-002-izo, which gives us a Don on Leader EB01-001-kouzuki-oden, activating his Power boost effect.

Even on Don 5, we can play EB01-013-kouzuki-hiyori and follow her up with OP01-046-denjiro or OP01-121-yamato-593 and still get to activate Leader ability.

Yamato and Izo are great Characters to play as early as possible thanks to their effects. You can give your Leader a rested Don, allowing you to activate his +1000 Power effect and start applying pressure with a 7000 Power attack.

You want to have one of those Characters in hand when going first, letting you start your game plan on turn 3 with 5 Don.

EB01-002-izo can also be used as a defensive card, trashing one card on the opponent's turn to lower a Leader or Character's power by 2000. Think of it as a +2000 Counter card.

Wano Powerhouse

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OP01-121-yamato-593 lets you activate Leader ability but also threatens a Double Attack + Banish. This means we want to target the opponent's Leader when attacking with OP01-121-yamato-593 and boost their Power by at least 2 Don to force 2 Counter cards.

OP01-046-denjiro's 7000 Power makes him an offensive threat that's troublesome to KO when rested. Additionally, he's setting 2 of our Don active if we go for an 8000 Power attack.

This lets us build up our board while pushing for more offensive attacks with the additional Don we're getting.

Time to Rest

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We usually only play OP01-033-izo when we're trying to threaten a lethal turn and there's a blocker like OP02-114-borsalino or OP05-091-rebecca on the opponent's side, shutting us from striking their Leader. Izo is also a +2000 Counter, so it finds use as a defensive play to protect a key Character or our Leader.

On the other hand, OP02-042-yamato finds use in early and late games. A 4-cost 6000 Power Character can shift the board's presence in your favor in the early stages of the game. Yamato's ability to rest a 6-cost or less character means we can use it to attack a threat in the early/mid-game or to nullify a blocker if we're setting up the winning turn. Yamato feels better against higher-cost blockers like OP04-083-sabo, ST04-005-queen, or OP05-074-eustasscaptainkid.

Rush Kid

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Once the opponent drops down to 2 life cards, EB01-003-kid-killer becomes a massive threat with the 7000 Power Rush attack. This sets up an aggressive turn to put them low on health and create an opportunity to close out the game.

The Carry

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Ideally, we want to play Kozuki Oden on Don 8/9. If we're at 9 Don, we can activate Leader +1000 effect, giving us an extra protection layer for the opponent's attack turn.

If we have EB01-007-yamato on the board, we can activate Leader ability when we drop Kozuki Oden on turn 8.

OP02-030-kouzuki-oden adds an offensive threat with his ability to attack twice per turn. With OP01-033-izo and OP02-042-yamato's resting effects, you can ensure his 8000 Power hits are striking the opponent's Leader. If he ends up getting KOed, we can look through our deck and play a 3-cost card. OP02-038-nekomamushi is your best choice.

Keep in mind that Kozuki Oden is still a +1000 Counter, so we're not forced to play him on Don 9 if we have OP02-004-edwardnewgate-511 in hand.

OP02-004-edwardnewgate-511 is your best choice on 9 Don if you're down to 1 Life card. The +2000 Power to Leader makes it a challenge for opponents' attacks to go through and will force them to attach more Don to their attackers.

If you have play OP02-004-edwardnewgate-511 on 10 Don and have a {Land of Wano} Character along with him, you're able to gain +3000 Power boost on your Leader, putting him at a total of 8000 Power during your defensive turn.

OP02-004-edwardnewgate-511's on-attack KO effect can get rid of low-power Characters like a Rebecca blocker. You can combo it with OP01-006-otama to deal with higher Power characters.


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Radical Beam is more suited in the late-game to protect Leader from heavy hits. If you're down to 2 Life Cards, the +4000 Power boost can shut down an 8000 Power attack. Combined with Kozuki Oden's +1000 Power boost, you're not shutting down a 9000 Power attack.

It does force you to bank 1 Don!!! for the defensive turn, so your opponent will have an idea of what one of the cards in your hand is.

Gameplay Video

Techs and Options

OP06-036-ryuma: A {Land of Wano} character with a powerful KO effect. The Character has to be rested to KO it though, so we can't immediately take advantage of Ryuma. It's a bit expensive to combo it with Izo or Yamato, having to wait until Don 7/8.

OP01-035-okiku: A 3-cost 5000 Power Character with an effect to rest a 5-cost or less character. Synergizes with OP06-036-ryuma to KO rested targets.

OP06-035-hody-jones: An aggressive threat on 7 Don, resting two Characters and going for a Rush attack. It can be really effective against blockers protecting the opponent's Leader.

General Tips

  • Activate Leader ability whenever possible. We want to take advantage of the +1000 Power boost both offensively and defensively, forcing more resources from opponents.
  • Don't forget to use your Counter cards. {Land of Wano} Characters without a Counter effect automatically have a +1000 Counter. We want to use that to our advantage to protect Leader and Characters.
  • If you have more than one OP02-004-edwardnewgate-511 in hand, you can use EB01-002-izo to trash one and get to drop down an attacker's Power. Only trash OP02-004-edwardnewgate-511 if you don't think you'll need to play a second one in future turns, so you'll get value out of him in other ways.

Mulligan Tips

  • Searcher OP01-041-kouzuki-momonosuke to look for your {Land of Wano Cards} and shape up the mid-game.
  • If you're going first, EB01-002-izo, EB01-007-yamato, and EB01-013-kouzuki-hiyori are a good keep to activate Leader ability on turn 3.
  • OP01-046-denjiro is one of your strongest cards to play as early as possible and start getting the Don value.

Important Matchups

Black Gecko Moria

  • Try not to hold onto more than 4 cards in hand so Perona doesn't trash away resources.
  • They can remove your Characters with Absalom and Rob Lucci. Most of your characters are 5+ cost so a Great Eruption won't be enough to put them in range.
  • Try to play aggressively, focusing on their Leader to close out games as fast as possible.
  • Borsalino and Sabo blockers will slow down our aggression. We could use our rest cards to go through them.
  • If possible, protect your Characters if opponent is trying to attack and KO them. You want to force opponent to commit removal cards to deal with them.
  • Most of their attackers are 5000 Power, so activating Leader effect will force them to attach Don to their attackers.

Black Yellow Luffy

  • We're trying to build up a board and drop down OP02-030-kouzuki-oden as soon as possible. His ability to attack twice will put enough pressure to win the game.
  • Keep them at 1 or 2 Life Cards. We don't want to make activating their Leader ability easy for the Luffy player. This buys us more time to develop our big attackers.
  • OP02-042-yamato can rest a Sabo blocker, paving the way for our attackers to strike their Leader. She can also rest 5-cost Luffy, allowing us to attack and threaten to KO him. Luffy is a self-damage Character, so by KOing him, we could disrupt the opponent's game plan.
  • Most lists don't run any board interaction cards outside of ST13-008-sabo. This makes OP02-038-nekomamushi a valuable blocker to protect our Leader or key characters.

Red Purple Law

  • EB01-002-izo and OP01-046-denjiro's 7000 Power makes them a nuisance for Law decks since they'll be forced to commit two power-reduction cards to put them in range for Law's 3000 Power or less removal.
  • Many of Law's attackers are at 5,000 Power, so activating Leader Kozuki Oden's +1000 ability will force the Law player to attach Don to their attackers.
  • They're able to develop two attackers per turn. OP02-042-yamato can rest a target for us to KO. Ideally, we want to KO Don generators like ST10-012-bepo or OP05-074-eustasscaptainkid.
  • We could try rushing them down. The 7000 Power on Leader sets up offensive plays and with OP02-042-yamato resting blockers, we can strike down their Leader.

Yellow Katakuri

  • Attack their characters and try to win the board's presence.
  • Building up a board of multiple Characters makes it difficult for them to commit a 10c Charlotte Linlin.
  • Since your Leader is 4 health, Gedatsu won't find much use for them against your 5-cost Characters. He can though KO targets like OP02-038-nekomamushi and OP02-042-yamato.
  • If you're down to 1 health, your opponent could damage with a Reject, putting you in range for one big attack to end the game.

Closing Words

Red Green Kozuki Oden is a powerful Leader who brings together the {Land of Wano} Characters in one deck. The +1000 Counter effect covers for the defensive weakness of multiple {Land of Wano} Characters, creating a deck that's strong offensively and can still defend its Leader and Characters.

This is probably the strongest out of the three new EB01 Leaders! This is it from me, if you want to keep up with my content, consider following me on Twitter.


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