Big One Piece Card Game News at NEXT PLAN Announcement on March 29, 2024!

Could a mass reprint or synchronization with the Japan version of the game be on the cards?

A lot of things are happening for One Piece Card Game - with OP-06: Wings of the Captain and ST-12 Zoro and Sanji Starter Deck just released, and the banning of ST06-015-great-eruption, OP06-116-reject, and OP05-041-sakazuki confirmed from June 21, 2024 for English. In Japan, OP-08 Two Legends has also been officially announced!

Further to this, Bandai is going to be holding a NEXT PLAN Announcement day on March 29, 2024 for OPTCG:

So what could this all mean? We don't know for certain, but a synchronization with the Japanese version or even mass reprinting could mean wonders for the game! is your best One Piece Card Game information website, featuring guides, database, decks, meta stats, tier list, news, and more.

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